Level 2-3

At this level, you are assumed to have an understanding of intermediate yoga poses. Classes are designed to improve your intermediate yoga practice by challenging your stamina and pushing you towards learning more difficult poses. Level 2-3 classes involve holding poses for a longer amount of time, trying to perform advanced and physically demanding poses, and incorporating challenging flows and variations. You move at a faster pace and go deeper into the poses.

2 Programs

3 weeks
urdhva dhanurasana

Progressive Backbends

In this program we will focus on progressive backbends when we think of backbends we should think of 2 of 2 components, back body strength and front body opening lack of either might often create discomfort in the lower back. This program focuses on progressively building back body strength and opening up front body to find ease in your backbends.

Be patient and find your way up progressively.

Enjoy your practice!

1 week
Yoga practice at Yogateket with Vinay Jesta

Five Elements Intermediate

In this Vinyasa Yoga program, we focus on embodying the qualities of the 5 elements. When these qualities are in balance we experience harmony in our life. Although vinyasa yoga is primarily a fire practice, being aware of the qualities of 5 elements and incorporating them into the practice will help us have a more balanced body and mind. Get ready to get strong, flexible, centered and more open in body, mind, and spirit.

Enjoy your practice!

50 Classes

10 min
screenshot from online yoga class  at Yogateket yoga studio in Uppsala sweden

Monday Workout #10

It's Monday and here is your yoga workout. You need a kettlebell. 

  • 20 Kettlebell swings.
  • 20 Goblet squats.
  • 4 Vinyasas.
  • Navasana hold

Go for at least three rounds or more.

25 min
extended triangle pose ashtanga yoga

Advanced Ashtanga - Short of Time

This short Ashtanga class is for you who already have a regular and experienced Ashtanga yoga practice. There are not a lot of descriptions on how to do the poses, but more of an effective flow to get your body nice and warm.

The perfect practice when you are short of time or traveling.

15 min
screenshot from online yoga class with Lizette Pompa at Yogateket yoga studio in Uppsala sweden

Monday Workout #12

It's Monday, and this is your Yoga workout. You need a resistance band and a kettlebell.

  • 15 Steps each way 
  • 10 Glute kickbacks.
  • 10 Lunge kettlebell press up.
  • 3 Vinyasas

10 min
screenshot from online yoga class with yoga teacher Lizette Pompa at Yogateket yoga studio in Uppsala Sweden

Monday Workout #13

It's Monday and here is your Yoga workout.

  • 10 Hip hinge rows.
  • 10 Dumbbell press.
  • 10 Bench press.
  • 10 Side plank side rows.

10 min

Monday Workout #14

It's Monday and here is your Yoga workout.

  • 20 Kettlebell swings.
  • 10 Dive bombers.
  • 10 Lunge rows.
  • Boat to half boat holds.

Go for as many sets as you want to.

10 min

Pick Me Up Kapalabhati

Invigorate your system and switch on your energy.

A short energizing pranayama class that starts with Simha mudra (Lion pose) continuing with Jivha bandha before finishing off this short class with Kapalabathi. Perfect to do first thing in the morning. 

Contraindication: Do not do this class while pregnant or during your menstrual cycle.

25 min
Handstand yoga

Flow and Fly

This class is an intense but fun flow where you get to play with handstands. We start slow, warming up our wrists and body to then get upside down. Feel free to practice close to a wall and get ready to flow and fly!

15 min
screenshot from online yoga class  at Yogateket yoga studio in Uppsala sweden

Monday Workout #15

It's Monday and this is your workout for today.

  • 10 Shoulder presses.
  • 12 Bent over rows.
  • 15 Bench presses.
  • 10 Standing lateral raises.
  • 20 Leg raises.

Go for at least three rounds.

15 min
screenshot from online yoga class  at Yogateket yoga studio in Uppsala sweden

Monday Workout #16

It's Monday and here is your yoga workout.

  • 10 Push-ups.
  • 10 Kneeling lunge press ups.
  • 12 Glute kickbacks.
  • 10 Kneeling kettlebell windmills.


15 min
Yoga teacher performing yoga posture on green yoga mat on white background

Monday Workout #17

It's Monday and here is your yoga workout. 

  • 20 Kettlebell swings.
  • 5 Lunge rows.
  • 10 Turbodogs.
  • 20 Leg raises.
10 min
a photo shoot from a online yoga class at yogateket Uppsala

Monday Workout #18

It's Monday and here it's your workout.

  • 10 Dumbbell snatches.
  • 10 Halos
  • 12 Plank weight slides.

10 min
yoga workout

Monday Workout #19

It's Monday and here is your workout for today.

  • 10 Bent over rows.
  • 10 Downward push-ups.
  • 10 Shoulder presses.
  • 10 Side plank side rows.
15 min
21 day meditation challenge

15 Minute intermediate Yoga Breathing class

This short pranayama class packs a lot in. The first exercises focus on the health of the digestive system and the free flow of energy, letting go of tension in the abdomen.  

We will practice different kriyas and breathing techniques like Uddiyana bandha Kriya, Agni Sara, Anuloma viloma or alternate nostril breathing, one of the most fundamental pranayamas for bringing the system and the brain into balance. The class will finish with a very calming Brahmari pranayama.


Easy and very beneficial for your physical and mental health.

60 min
side plank

Ground Yourself

This class gives you a well-rounded yoga flow bringing special attention to what grounds you during the posture. Pay attention to your feet and the way they activate. Focus on the legs and the power they give and even the hands and the way the press against the floor. Have fun as you move through fun and challenging transitions from side plank all the way to handstand.
60 min
half moon pose

Earth Element Intermediate

In this vinyasa practice, we will be focusing on grounding effect. Building strength in the lower body holding standing and balancing postures focusing on our connection to the earth and being aware of our relationship to the earth through our feet. It’s a great practice to build strength through the legs, the pelvic floor, and feeling grounded by the end of it. When we are rooted in our body, we can stand tall, firm and feel emotionally strong and grounded as well and then incorporate these qualities into the parts of our life where we may need it.

Enjoy your practice!

60 min
seated side stretch

Water Element Intermediate

In this vinyasa practice, we will focus on building fluidity in the hips to be able to flow and adapt through our practice just like water. Working our way through creating space around the hip joint and building both active and passive flexibility through the hips. Working mainly on external rotation of the hips letting go of any tension through the groin area and the inner thighs to move freely in our daily lives and help us to find ease in seated positions. Embody the qualities of being able to adapt, be gentle and fluid in areas of life that we may need.

Enjoy your practice!

60 min
arm balance yoga

Fire Element Intermediate

In this vinyasa practice, we will focus on connecting to our core and building upper body strength and firing up through the whole body, floating our way through core strengthening postures, arm balances and inversions. Also focusing on precision of alignment. Once we find our center it allows us to float through the practice with ease and feel more strong. So get ready to sweat it out and get connected to your center. Allowing us to feel confident in ourselves and focusing our energies to achieve our goals.

Enjoy your practice!

60 min
Low lunge

Air Element Intermediate

In this vinyasa practice, we will focus on creating space in our shoulders and opening up the chest area and front body and building strength through the back body. Mindfully move through chest openers, backends, and any expansive movements to let go of anything heavy that we might be holding and get a sense of lightness and expansiveness like air by the end of the practice. Allowing ourselves to be more open to the changes in life, be light-hearted and at ease with our whole being and embodying these qualities as we may need in our life.

Enjoy your practice!

60 min
Urdhva dhanusrasana

Space Element Intermediate

The space element holds space for all the elements to co-exist, symbolizing the unity for harmony in the body and mind. As we float through this practice we will mindfully combine the qualities all the above 4 different elements that we practice in the previous practice into one flow to feel connected to all the different elements within ourselves.  Moving mindfully throughout the practice by being aware of how each element is supporting the other and how this combination is necessary to find harmony in our body. As we embody these qualities mindfully, it allows us to apply these five element principals in daily life to find harmony and live a balanced life. We will also work with a little bit of pranayama to bring awareness to the energetic body.

Enjoy your practice!

60 min
vinay jesta yoga five elements

Evolution Flow

In this practice will we focus on gradually building up the sequence, evolving from posture to posture while we revisit the postures from the previous series to build up a longer flow. Embodying the qualities of strength, fluidity and moving gracefully. Get flowing and enjoy your practice

45 min
Ashtanga yoga Sofia Soori Yogateket

Finishing Sequence Practice

Short of time? This practice warms up the body with some Sun Salutations and then goes straight to focus on the finishing sequence of Ashtanga yoga.

This practice is for the more experienced yogi since there are not detailed instructions on how to do certain asanas.