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Surfer yoga costa rica

Yoga for Surfers

Yoga for surfers collection with Sofia is meant to complement your surfing. We put together three short classes, perfect before after and anytime you need to work some strength. 

This collection is designed to help any surfer to perform better on the board but with that said anybody can benefit from these classes.

Hang loose

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Monday Workouts

Here are all yoga workouts in one place, get stronger and more focused with this short workouts. 

All in one place no need to search for them. Let them be your home for strength building.

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Open up program with Lizette Pompa Yoga

Open up with Lizette Pompa

When was the last time you dedicated 10 to 20 minutes to open up a specific area? Give your body time to really explore where you can get while focusing on just one area at a time.
3 Classes
Dynamic flexibility

Dynamic Flexibility with Lauren Matters

Motion + Flexibility = Dynamic Flexibility. When is the last time you pulled a muscle while just sitting still? Never. Dynamic flexibility keeps our joints, muscles, ligaments, and tendons safe when in motion. Flexibility without proper muscle support is dangerous, while strength often hits a wall due to inflexibility. This series builds both strength and flexibility to find new depths by building, not reaching.
12 Classes

Hot 26 Breakdown with Lauren Matters

Walking into a hot yoga studio can be intimidating. Whether you have practiced for years or are just starting, the Hot 26 series evolves each time you roll out your mat. Studio classes often do not break down each pose due to time constraints. This collection of classes provides alignment tools, explanations of each pose, and variations to suit your body and mood, ending with a traditional 60 minute class.