Yogateket - About us

Online yoga studio in Uppsala, Sweden


Our Mission

Yoga as the remedy accessible from anywhere

Hello and welcome to our online yoga community. We, the founders of this page are Lizette and Nicklas, and we are true believers that yoga is the remedy for so many health problems in the today's society, therefore, the name Yogateket. In Sweden where we live, a pharmacy is called apoteket and library is biblioteket so Yogateket is a library full of remedy for a healthy living you could say. Here is the community where you learn yoga online

Online yoga in all its forms is what we offer to you. A wide range of yoga classes for beginners to the more advanced yogis in various styles like Ashtanga or a more subtle Yin. Yoga challenges in different kinds to help with the motivation, meditation, and pranayama to clear the mind. Gain strength, relax, or why not just have some fun stretching on the mat. 

We hope that we have the honor to be part of your yoga journey and together we grow and inspire each other, practice together, and as a member of Yogateket, you have full access to our continually growing Yoga-teket of classes, challenges, and programs. 

We film all classes in our studio Hot Yoga Uppsala. If you are close by please come and visit us at the studio, first class is free for members at Yogateket. Our door is always open, and we are here if it is anything just drop us a line. 


Lizette and Nicklas