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Contribute - Write for us

Contribute and write for us

Yogateket is all about the learning, reflections, and sentiments of genuine yogis and wellbeing fans. We are continually searching for articles on Yoga, Fitness, Food, Inspiration, Spirituality. If you have an article though, kindly offer it to us. Get read, have a great time and inspire others. We would love to have you!

We welcome guest posts from writers within the community and other yoga and wellness experts who share our goal of spreading the love of yoga.  
Please read our guidelines carefully and take a look at our Articles for an idea of our current content and style.

Content ideas:

We welcome high-quality content from professionals in yoga, meditation, pranayama, philosophy, anatomy, yoga therapy and injuries, psychology, recipes, yoga as a compliment to other sports or activities and Ayurveda.

We also love to hear personal yoga stories from our community 

You are welcome to run ideas for content by us first to check the idea - please note this is not a guarantee that the final article will be used.
We do not publish articles with commercial or affiliate links except for our current partners and teachers.

Style and tone:

  • We use US English and keep our tone friendly and informal. Creativity and humor go a long way, personal insights are welcome.
  • Articles will vary in length depending on the type but should be a maximum of around 1000 - 1500 words.
  • Use headings where required. Use single spacing after full stops. If you are including links please include the full URL rather than just hyperlinks within the text.
  • Please make sure your text and images stick to copyright laws. Content should be original and have not appeared elsewhere already.
  • You are welcome to publish your article at a later date on your own website. However, please state that it originally appeared on and include the correct URL link to it.
  • Please include details of any sources with your submission.
  • Include a short bio about yourself of a few lines plus a photo. You can include one or two links, e.g. to your website or social media.
  • We reserve the right to edit, change images or titles and add or remove links if appropriate. 


  • You are welcome to send images with your article. Please make sure they are copyright free and send us the source unless they are your own photos.
  • Images should be high res 16:9 landscape jpeg. Minimum - 1280w x 720h pixels.

Sharing content:

  • While we do not pay guest writers we will support you in raising your profile by promoting your work:
  • Your content will be shared on social media including Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, and Twitter. We will always credit you fully. Please help spread the word by sharing in your own networks as well. We will let you know when your content will be published.
Please share with us your submission with any images in Google doc

Thank you!