Level 2-3

At this level, you are assumed to have an understanding of intermediate yoga poses. Classes are designed to improve your intermediate yoga practice by challenging your stamina and pushing you towards learning more difficult poses. Level 2-3 classes involve holding poses for a longer amount of time, trying to perform advanced and physically demanding poses, and incorporating challenging flows and variations. You move at a faster pace, and go deeper in the poses.

2 Programs

3 weeks
urdhva dhanurasana

Progressive Backbends

In this program we will focus on progressive backbends when we think of backbends we should think of 2 of 2 components, back body strength and front body opening lack of either might often create discomfort in the lower back. This program focuses on progressively building back body strength and opening up front body to find ease in your backbends.

Be patient and find your way up progressively.

Enjoy your practice!

1 week
Yoga practice at Yogateket with Vinay Jesta

Five Elements Intermediate

In this Vinyasa Yoga program, we focus on embodying the qualities of the 5 elements. When these qualities are in balance we experience harmony in our life. Although vinyasa yoga is primarily a fire practice, being aware of the qualities of 5 elements and incorporating them into the practice will help us have a more balanced body and mind. Get ready to get strong, flexible, centered and more open in body, mind, and spirit.

Enjoy your practice!

46 Classes

30 min

May Ur Asana be Pretty as a Peacock

An impressive looking bird and posture, peacock pose requires abs and a good sense of humor. This flow will prepare you to take flight, or as much as a peacock can fly at least. 
20 min

King of the Pigeons: Eka Pada Rajakapotasana

Want to know the secret? It's all in the grip. I'll show you. 
30 min

Bend So You Don't Break

Dynamic Flexibility: Back & Spine

Perhaps the most important area to have dynamic flexibility, backbends require both strength and openness. Whether you are looking to deepen your backbend or strengthen your back, this class balances both so your back stays healthy and limber. Actively during our backbends, we will engage our entire body. Many times we compensate with our lower back during our openings, this time we will do it right!

60 min

It Takes Two to Tango

Dynamic Flexibility: Hips and Hamstrings

Find the sweet spot between a rubber band and Arnold Schwarzenegger. Balancing flexibility and strength is paramount to preventing injury and advancing your practice. We will work dynamically and break down different sequences and engage our muscles step by step. It can be hard, in the beginning, to open up your hips but with tips on the road, you will get there!

50 min

50 Minute Play Time

Come to practice and play for 50 minutes or about, join me and let's see where we get to.
20 min

Abnormal Flow

What's normal or not normal? Come and move with me in different ways in this short but sweet abnormal flow. 
45 min

Back in to the Future

Backbends feel challenging to many of us as they require us to move in the direction of the unknown, to where our gaze does not reach. Become comfortable with not knowing what’s around the corner, and safely ease into slightly deeper backbends by opening the front of the body. 

30 min

Mandala Style Flow

Move from side to side, front to back and in a repetitive pattern that will allow your body to open more and more.
90 min
Ashtanga yoga Uppsala warrior pose

Ashtanga Yoga Full Primary Series

Ashtanga full primary series with fewer instructions, Just simple guiding and timing of postures in this full primary. A Led Primary Series class is effective in taking away bad self-practice habits such as a wandering mind, losing the connection with the breath, or fidgeting between postures, and provides an opportunity to refine your practice by following the ‘count’ as it is traditionally prescribed.

See full Ashtanga yoga primary series 

30 min
Ashtanaga yoga

Short Ashtanga Practice

If you are short of time, a shorter yoga routine is of course much better than no yoga at all. You start this session with still sitting to get grounded before start building up heat with Surya namaskar Continuing with forward folds, twists and to finish of with a couple rounds back bends.

10 min

Monday Workout #1

Welcome to your Monday yoga workout! This is not a yoga class but strength training is a great way to compliment your yoga practice. For this workout you need a pair of dumbbells (you decide the weight). We will be working shoulders, triceps, hamstrings, chest and core.
10 min
Yoga teacher performing yoga posture on green yoga mat on white background

Monday Workout #2

This is a full body workout using a 10kg weight (make sure you choose a weight that can keep you going through the whole sequence).

We will move through different drills such as dolphin to chaturanga push-ups to work on your shoulders, lunge pulses to work glutes and legs, halos for strength and mobility on your shoulders, squat snatches to work both lower and upper body finishing with navasana to target your core.

Feel free to repeat this sequence as many rounds as you want. I recommend 4 rounds. 

10 min

Monday Workout #3

It's Monday and today we have a total body Yoga Workout.

Kick off your week the best way possible. You need a kettlebell for swings and high pulls to work your legs, hips and upper back. A resistance band to work on your glutes and your mat for bodyweight training with down dog push-ups, finishing with core.

I recommend you start with an 8kg kettlebell and a light or medium resistance band if you are a beginner.

60 min

All Around the Hips

Move around the hips in new and old patterns to create space and strength.

Have fun as you go through a similar flow a few times where you will change a bit here and there keeping it fresh and challenging. Get ready for a few arm balancing postures to then finish the class by moving from passive to active stretches to find where your range of motion is.

10 min

Monday Workout #4

It's Monday and today we focus on legs, arms and core.

Today's routine:

  • 20 goblet squats.
  • 20 single arms kettlebell swings.
  • 12 Plank to pike slides.
  • 10 - one arm row.
  • Twisted boat pose. 

Repeat as many times as you want. I'm using a 12kg (26 lbs) Kettlebell.

15 min

Monday Workout #5

Its Monday and today we bring focus to arms, shoulders, and core.

  • 10 Dumbbell Presses.
  • 10 Bent over rows.
  • 5 Wall walks.
  • 10 Push-ups.
  • 20 Leg Raises.

60 min

Block It Up

Blocks can help you tremendously as a way to improve your posture, but they can also be a great way to spice up your practice and make it more fun.

Move through different transitions using one or two blocks. Play with half moon to chair pose, warrior lll to a squat and activate you psoas with the help of a block. Get ready to sweat and have fun!

60 min

Side Body Goodness - Parighasana

Many of us suffer from a lack of energy, or even anxiety, in our day to day lives due to an inability to take full breaths.

Sidebends help create space for and widen the diaphragm, that beautiful dome-shaped muscle that moves like a jellyfish underwater when you breathe, and allow the sternum to lift, supporting your experience of freedom in the breath. Plus, they feel really good. 

10 min

Monday Workout #7

It's Monday and today we work on our strength.

  • 10 Halos (for shoulder strength and mobility)
  • 10 Upright rows (to work your side deltoids and trapezius)
  • 10 Plank weight slides.
  • 10 Plank to forearm plank slides.

This workout has 3 rounds, feel free to add a few more if you feel like.

10 min

Monday Workout #8

It's Monday and here is your yoga workout.

  • 20 Squats.
  • 40 Mountain climbers.
  • 12 Bent over rows.
  • 12 Push-ups to down dog taps.

Repeat as many rounds as you want.

10 min

Monday Workout #9

It's Monday and here is your yoga workout. Go for a light pair of dumbbells; it's more about repetition that lifting too much weight.

  • 10 Standing lateral raises
  • 20 Shoulder Presses
  • 20 Upright rows
  • 3 Vinyasas

Three rounds.