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1 week
Yoga practice at Yogateket with Lizette Pompa

From Flexibility to Mobility

When we think about mobility it can be easy to get it confused or mixed with flexibility; mobility is the ability to take a joint to its full range of motion with control.

This program is divided into five classes to help you work through different parts of the body and work on your mobility. To be able to achieve a good amount of mobility, flexibility is a significant prerequisite.

During these five classes, we will try to take our flexibility into mobility, working hard to control our full range of motion and by doing so, find stability in our joints. 

1 week
Yoga practice at Yogateket with Vinay Jesta

Five Elements Intermediate

In this Vinyasa Yoga program, we focus on embodying the qualities of the 5 elements. When these qualities are in balance we experience harmony in our life. Although vinyasa yoga is primarily a fire practice, being aware of the qualities of 5 elements and incorporating them into the practice will help us have a more balanced body and mind. Get ready to get strong, flexible, centered and more open in body, mind, and spirit.

Enjoy your practice!

1 week

Weekly Pranayama Program

Are you interested in learning pranayama? Looking to deepen an existing practice?  Wanting to get more regular with your practice?  Heard of all the great effects of working with your breath?

All of these and more are great reasons to try this program.  You can do any day of the week as an individual class, or you can cycle through the whole week.  Each class is designed to support the day it is on.

Discover all the benefits, both mental and physical of working with your breath and finding time to relax.

4 Challenges

3 weeks
screenshot from online yoga class at Yogateket studio in Uppsala Sweden

21-Day Pranayama Breathing Challenge

Our first and our last actions in this world will be a breath. Breathing is one of our most vital processes and a constant companion affecting every aspect of our mental and physical functioning. Yet very few of us are aware of how we breathe, let alone actually try and train our breath.

Now is the time to start. This challenge works with simple movements and breathing exercises to create a more easy, efficient breath. Each day we build it up, letting go of unhealthy breathing patterns and developing good ones.

The breath is intimately linked with every aspect of our physical and psychological well being. Discover one of the most powerful ways you can work with yourself.

Start your 21-Day Pranayama Breathing Yoga Challenge today!

3 weeks
Yogi Guy Powiecki in easy pose

21 Day Meditation

This 21-day meditation is the perfect challenge to give yourself. Accessible and no experience needed. We start right at the beginning and gradually develop it. Ever thought about meditating, now is the time. Be kind to yourself, meditate for ten minutes a day.

Meditation can help you to concentrate, be present, calm your mind, sleep better, feel better, basically improve every function of how your brain operates. If the brain and the nervous system are happier, this is also great news for the body!

10 min guided meditation per day to form a healthier lifestyle!

1 week
Ashtanga-vinyasa meditation

Step Out Of Your Yoga Comfort Zone

This week one-week long yoga challenge is meant to be a tool to grow and transform and help you to step out of your "yoga" comfort zone. 
If you are not a yogi that are trying out new classes and teachers regularly, this might be challenging but at the same time super rewarding. 
In seven days you will try six teachers and five different styles of yoga.

“When was the last time you did something for the first time.” Anonymous


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60 min
a photo shoot from a online yoga class at yogateket Uppsala

Active & Passive

Can you start to choose when to be active and when to be passive in your practice? Explore poses in both active and passive movements to find more space in your body, practice, and mind. 
15 min
Jaime white doing pilates

Side Body Strength and Stretch

Sometimes we need a little more attention to our side bodies. Use this workout to challenge some of your balance, strength, and mobility. I love this workout as a great compliment to yoga. Focus on your alignment as small changes yield big results. It is easy to default into our postural imbalances in our side work but stay with it and you’ll be in for a nice treat.

5 min
Ashtanga vinyasa yoga fundamentals

Big Toe Pose Tutorial

This posture is in Sanskrit called Utthita Hasta Padangusthasana and is one of the first balancing-on-one-leg postures. To enter the full posture, you’ll need some hamstring & hip flexibility, which the previous postures in the Ashtanga sequence gives you in time.

This tutorial also cues the correct vinyasa count in the posture, meaning it shows which movement is connected with an inhale or exhale.

15 min
Screenshot from an online yoga class at Yogateket Uppsala

Surya Bhedana Class

Surya Bhedana translates as sun channel piercing.  It is designed to be more activating to our internal energy and starting to have an effect on Kundalini.

Ideally, students will have spent some time practicing the other pranayama techniques to prepare themselves before coming to this one.

The class is completed with some sitali to balance the effects.

CONTRAINDICATIONS:  If you are pregnant or on your cycle do not practice Surya Bhedana.

5 min
Ashtanga vinyasa yoga fundamentals chakrasana

Chakrasana Tutorial

This tutorial shows you step by step how to approach Chakrasana, the backward roll, which is included at the end of Ashtanga Primary Series and the closing sequence.

Chakrasana is often used when coming out of a posture where we are lying on the floor. It gives us more flow in the sequence, instead of rolling up to a seated position and then jumping back to Chaturanga and doing our vinyasa.

20 min
Jaime white doing pilates

Upper Body Foam Roller

Spending too much time on the computer or driving?  This is a great active recovery class that will focus on self-massage to increase blood flow and some passive upper body movement to open chest and shoulders. Keep relaxed nasal breathing through this one as our muscles that work with respiration are sometimes closely related to tension.

25 min
screenshot from online yoga class at Yogateket studio in Uppsala Sweden

Hamstring Kick

This 25-min class is all about strengthening the hamstrings while flowing through a class. Start slowly to then pick up the pace and intensity as you move through a challenging flow. 
15 min
screenshot from online yoga class with yoga teacher at Yogateket yoga studio in Uppsala Sweden

Full Power

Join me on the mat for this intense power yoga flow where we'll work out all body. Grab some blocks if you need them and let's sweat together.

20 min
Meditation in practice at Yogateket with Guy Powiecki

20-Min Meditation

Relaxation and being present are what we develop in this class.  We get in touch with where we feel the breath and then try to let our attention settle there.

This simple act of staying present and mindful has huge far-reaching positive effects.

45 min
Knee to triceps yoga position

From the Ground Up

This class builds from the ground up. Start by warming up hips, feet, and ankles to then bring that into the rest of the body. Have fun working through a challenging balancing sequence where every part of the body will get a little bit of attention.

10 min
screenshot from online yoga class with Amaranta at Yogateket yoga studio in Uppsala sweden

How to Tittibhasana

We'll be focusing on a posture called "Tittibhasana" translated in English as "Firefly". This is an arm balance pose that requires more core strength than arm strength. It's great to stretch the inner groins and back torso tones the belly and strengthens the arms and wrists.
15 min
Pranayama in practice at Yogateket with Guy Powiecki

Bramhari Pranayama Class

Brahmari means something like the sound of the bee.  It is exactly what we great the humming sound of a bee with our breath.

One of the most effective at calming hyperactivity of thoughts and gently bringing the mind to a quieter place.

Very easy and less technical than some other pranayamas.

20 min
Yoga teacher performing yoga posture on green yoga mat on white background

Approaching Paschimottanasana

A practice designed to focus on the movement of the pelvis in forward bending. Many times we forget that forward bending is not only about flexible hamstrings but also about mobility in the pelvis. This practice is suitable for anyone working towards Paschimottanasana, the full seated forward bend stretching the ‘west’ side of the body. It may be of particular interest to those of us whose hamstrings are tight.

20 min
easy pose yoga

Sacral Chakra Meditation

In this Meditation practice, we will focus on stimulating the Sacral chakra or focusing on the qualities of the swadhisthana chakra that we may want to embody in our day to day life, It's the Second chakra(energy center) and is associated with creativity, adaptability, and joy. You should feel relaxed, centered and calm by the end of the practice. Make sure to adopt a seated posture that is absolutely comfortable for you and allows you to focus on the practice fully.

Enjoy your practice!

45 min

Happy Yin Hamstrings

In this yin yoga practice, we will focus mostly on lengthening the hamstrings by long holds and releasing tension through the whole back of the leg. As we work through this practice remember to not experience any sharp or painful sensation in the lower back.

If you do allow yourself to modify the posture by keeping the back flat and still enjoy all the benefits from the practice as our main focus in this class is the hamstrings, calves and the Achilles tendon, use the props as needed and remember feeling is more important than form in this practice. enjoy your practice

50 min
Lizette Pompa is practising yoga on a green yoga mat

Step into Balance

Get ready to challenge your balance in different ways through the class. Lots of fun and challenging work for the outer hips and glutes as you stand on one leg trying to find stability through the pelvis.

This class is excellent or those who sit all day. Wake up your glutes and build up strength.


20 min
Screenshot from an online yoga class at Yogateket Uppsala

Full Body Kettlebell Class

Welcome to a full body yoga practice using a kettlebell. Adding extra weight to your training will help you not only to get stronger but to make your tissues and joint more resilient. Find a weight that works for you to move through these 20 minutes and drop de bell if it gets too heavy.

Enjoy your practice!

10 min
Pranayama in practice at Yogateket with Guy Powiecki

OM Mantra

Recitation of OM is traditionally called Pranava Japa.  Great after pranayama or a wonderful practice in its own right.

The emphasis is on the vibration.  We use this to still our minds and bring us to a greater point of connection within.

Simple and profound.

20 min
amaranta plank pose

Plank to Chaturanga

Let's learn how to do a proper Plank pose and then flow into Chaturanga Dandasana!. The pose is challenging for many students, but its payoffs are great: It strengthens the arms and legs, tones the abdominals, builds healthy shoulders, and prepares students for arm balances, inversions, and backbends. And it's character-building. Correct alignment builds strength for those who struggle in that department and teaches the sturdier student, who often relies on brute force, to refine the pose in ways that prevent damaging the shoulders.

15 min

Pushing-up Flow

In this class, we'll take our plank to the next level - Chaturanga Dandasana, a foundational pose that some of us just love!! Join me in this flow where we'll learn the optimal alignment and technique needed to nail this posture!
5 min
Jaime white doing pilates

Abs Series

This is the traditional Pilates Ab series that was taught in NYC by Pilates Protege Romana. It is a great 5 exercises that improve core strength while giving you a nice stretch in the lower body.

It’s a perfect example of using a two-way stretch from a strong center. Try to work your upper and lower body really long away from your center and you keep that rock solid to the mat :)

20 min
Jaime white doing pilates

Find Your Downward Dog Shoulders

This short class uses accessible movements to work on shoulder strength and mobility.  The focus is on the alignment of the shoulders and the activation of the serratus muscles.

By the end of the class yo,u should be more aware how to correctly and strongly use your upper body in the downward dog.  Will finding more awareness and correct movement in the shoulders.

25 min
Neck stretch yoga

From Neck to Toes

Give me twenty-five minutes to move your body from neck to toes. Start soft, just by finding some articulation through the neck, then move to wrists, spine, shoulders, standing postures, ankles, and toes. All that in less than half an hour. Great to start or finish your day.
15 min
Pranayama in practice at Yogateket with Guy Powiecki

Ujjayi Pranayama Class

Ujjayi translates as victorious.  Helpful in removing restlessness from body and mind.  Bringing a sense of calm and balance.

One of the characteristic features of Ujjayi is breathing with a soft sound.  I describe how to do this in the tutorial video otherwise beginners can do it without.

3 Classes
Surfer yoga costa rica

Yoga for Surfers

Yoga for surfers collection with Sofia is meant to complement your surfing. We put together three short classes, perfect before after and anytime you need to work some strength. 

This collection is designed to help any surfer to perform better on the board but with that said anybody can benefit from these classes.

Hang loose

17 Classes

Monday Workouts

Here are all yoga workouts in one place, get stronger and more focused with this short workouts. 

All in one place no need to search for them. Let them be your home for strength building.

Yoga strength
5 Classes
Open up program with Lizette Pompa Yoga

Open up with Lizette Pompa

When was the last time you dedicated 10 to 20 minutes to open up a specific area? Give your body time to really explore where you can get while focusing on just one area at a time. Various Styles