Yoga strength

Get a stronger body and mind with yoga and strength drills

Some yoga postures require strength. Yoga Strength is designed to give you the strength you need to perform those postures a little faster. As a bonus, you will find everyday lifting and other strength-requiring activities easier. Yoga Strength is not a particular school of yoga, but a special class at Yogateket. It is inspired by the practice of Lizette Pompa, who usually does a few strength drills before practicing yoga. Lizette will guide you through most of our Yoga Strength classes and make sure that you smile even though it’s hard work! You might, in fact, consider doing Yoga Strength in connection to an ordinary yoga class, as you will probably need some stretching after you are done. Strength drills are a good complement to yoga since they help you balance strength and flexibility.

These classes are a type of yoga-inspired calisthenics. You use your bodyweight, and sometimes a few props, to build all-around strength. Asanas such as chaturanga (deep plank), bakasana (crow pose) and navasana (boat pose) are mixed with challenging and innovative exercises using props, such as sliding into chaturanga with the help of a chair cushion. Sometimes you will flow through some vinyasas.

There are classes that focus on specific body parts, while others give you a full body work-out. But no matter the focus, your core will be involved. If strength workouts are your thing, you can explore the whole range of classes in Yogateket’s four-week Yoga Strength Challenge. If you would rather take it slow, you can spread out the classes over a longer period of time and do them separately as well.

But be warned: the endorphins released when you do these classes could get you addicted! All movements included are not necessarily yoga, but everything in these classes will improve and develop your yoga practice.

2 Programs

5 weeks
Whole30 yoga program at yogateket

Whole30 Yoga Practice Program

Are you looking to incorporate healthy movement into your lifestyle this 2020? 

We have made a special program for you who are following the Whole30 timeline. But of course, anyone can start this 30 days of yoga classes, movement, breathing, and mindfulness. 

Enjoy the classes.

4 weeks

The Power of Four

Whether you are aiming to increase your strength or flexibility, this program will help you incorporate different kinds of training during the week.

The Power of Four consists of four different classes a week focusing on a specific area of the body. Every week Lizette will guide you through yoga, weight training, mobility, and a full class incorporating everything.

Mix and match these classes as you want and discover the power of bringing variety and new ways to move into your practice.

Equipment needed:

  • A set of dumbbells (I'm using 2kg each).
  • Kettlebell (8kg).
  • Resistance band.
  • Dowel.
  • Two yoga blocks.
  • Wall space.

1 Challenge

4 weeks
Screenshot from an online yoga class at Yogateket Uppsala

Yoga Strength Challenge

Looking for a fun and rewarding challenge? Look no further! In the next four weeks, you will follow a yoga workout with Lizette Pompa that will help you grow stronger and develop your yoga practice.

Finding the discipline to do this on your own is no easy task, so you have the opportunity to do our Yoga Strength Challenge together with Lizette every step of the way. She will make sure that you’ll do your best – and have fun doing it! Who knew plank pose (and countless variations thereof) could put a smile on your face?

Lizette hosts each class in her own playful and down-to-earth manner and does all the exercises with you. If you’re feeling low on energy one day, Lizette will encourage and invigorate you so that you’ll leave the mat full of energy.

No need to wait – Let’s get strong together! We can do this!

32 Classes

45 min

Full Body Yoga with Kettlebell

A full-body yoga class using a kettlebell. Start by warming up different parts of the body to then move through a series of flows using a kettlebell to add an extra challenge to your practice. 


10 min

Quick Upper Body

A quick upper body workout with dumbbells.

  • Rows with extension.
  • Push-ups.
  • Pike push-ups.


20 min

20-Min Yoga with Dumbbells

A 20-Min yoga flow using a set of dumbbells to bring extra load and challenge the body in a different way. You decide how much weight you want to use. Get ready to break a sweat.
5 min
wheel yoga with kettlebell

Kettlebell Drills

Got five minutes? That's all you need to build some heat and strength through your body as you move with a kettlebell. If you don't have a kettlebell you can use any other kind of weight. Have fun!
20 min
Screenshot from an online yoga class at Yogateket Uppsala

Full Body Kettlebell Class

Welcome to a full body yoga practice using a kettlebell. Adding extra weight to your training will help you not only to get stronger but to make your tissues and joint more resilient. Find a weight that works for you to move through these 20 minutes and drop de bell if it gets too heavy.

Enjoy your practice!

10 min
kettlebell yoga

Monday Workout 21

It's Monday and this is your workout; today it's all about legs. Enjoy! 

  • 20 Kettlebell swings.
  • 5/Side overhead kettlebell kneels to stand.
  • 20 Goblet squats.
  • 15 Deadlifts.
  • 5/Leg pistol squats. 
20 min

Kettlebell Yoga Class

This is a 20 min yoga based class using a kettlebell. Start by warming up your shoulders to then move through variations of sun salutations. Once the body is warm, we strengthen our arms, shoulders, hips, and core, all of this using our kettlebell and two blocks. Feel free to take breaks if it gets too challenging. I recommend you to start with a lightweight kettlebell, to begin with, especially if you have never used one before.

Have fun!

10 min
Lizette Pompa is practising yoga on a green yoga mat

Pistol Squat Tutorial

If you have been working on being able to get down into a pistol squat and come back up, then this is the tutorial for you. Work step by step on how to get there. From warming up your legs to finding where you are today to work from there. Remember, this is a process, take your time, commit to it and you will eventually get there. 
10 min
a photo shoot from a online yoga class at yogateket Uppsala

Monday Workout 20

It's Monday and here is a workout for you. This one focuses on the upper body.

  • 12 Bent over rows.
  • 10 Presses over head.
  • 10 Downward dog push-ups.
  • 10 Side plank dips.
  • 10 Airplane rows.
  • 15 Tricep/legs lower.

Go for at least 3 rounds. Make sure you get enough time to recover in between sets. 

10 min
Yoga challenge strength yoga Lizette pompa

Hip Drills

This hip class is designed to bring a little bit more stability and strength onto our hip/pelvic area. We all spend quite sometime opening up our hips, let's balance that by focusing on active internal and external hip rotation. 

Hip Strengthening Exercises Love

20 min
Ashtanga yoga Sofia Soori Yogateket

Sofia’s Favorite Handstand Drills

Sofia’s favorite drills to strengthen her handstands. Find your core and balance working on four different exercises then repeating that for three rounds.

You need two blocks, a chair and a wall with space!

10 min
Yoga challenge strength yoga Lizette pompa

Strong Hips

During the next ten minutes, we are going to work on our hip and pelvic area. Strengthen your hips while you mindfully move through some circles. You will not just feel your hips, but also your glutes and all this will help your hips and pelvis to find stability and strength.
5 min
Yoga challenge strength yoga Lizette pompa

Legs on Fire

All it takes is five minutes to get your legs burning. We move through two different drills that will leave your legs feeling alive. You just need your yoga mat and a block. Are you ready?

20 min
forearm plank

Get Sweaty

Use your whole body and break out a sweat. Use the next 20-minutes to move through your upper body, core, and legs in a workout yoga class setting. No fancy equipment, all you need is your mat and towel, and you will be feeling your whole body working hard.

Come, join me and get sweaty!

10 min
yoga workout

Monday Workout #19

It's Monday and here is your workout for today.

  • 10 Bent over rows.
  • 10 Downward push-ups.
  • 10 Shoulder presses.
  • 10 Side plank side rows.
10 min
a photo shoot from a online yoga class at yogateket Uppsala

Monday Workout #18

It's Monday and here it's your workout.

  • 10 Dumbbell snatches.
  • 10 Halos
  • 12 Plank weight slides.

15 min
Yoga teacher performing yoga posture on green yoga mat on white background

Monday Workout #17

It's Monday and here is your yoga workout. 

  • 20 Kettlebell swings.
  • 5 Lunge rows.
  • 10 Turbodogs.
  • 20 Leg raises.
15 min
screenshot from online yoga class  at Yogateket yoga studio in Uppsala sweden

Monday Workout #16

It's Monday and here is your yoga workout.

  • 10 Push-ups.
  • 10 Kneeling lunge press ups.
  • 12 Glute kickbacks.
  • 10 Kneeling kettlebell windmills.


15 min
screenshot from online yoga class  at Yogateket yoga studio in Uppsala sweden

Monday Workout #15

It's Monday and this is your workout for today.

  • 10 Shoulder presses.
  • 12 Bent over rows.
  • 15 Bench presses.
  • 10 Standing lateral raises.
  • 20 Leg raises.

Go for at least three rounds.

10 min

Monday Workout #14

It's Monday and here is your Yoga workout.

  • 20 Kettlebell swings.
  • 10 Dive bombers.
  • 10 Lunge rows.
  • Boat to half boat holds.

Go for as many sets as you want to.

10 min
screenshot from online yoga class with yoga teacher Lizette Pompa at Yogateket yoga studio in Uppsala Sweden

Monday Workout #13

It's Monday and here is your Yoga workout.

  • 10 Hip hinge rows.
  • 10 Dumbbell press.
  • 10 Bench press.
  • 10 Side plank side rows.