Adho Mukha Vrksasana - Handstand

How to do handstand pose - step by stepTo be able to do a handstand can be a challenging goal for a lot of people. Just to be able to stand there and exist in an upside down world without even having your feet on the wall is liberating once you get there!  Just your palms on the ground for one...
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Bhastrika Pranayama - The most powerful pranyama technique

Bhastrika translates as Bellows. Bellows are an instrument used to produce a strong gust of air with the aim of fanning the fire. When practicing this yoga technique, you produce similar movements that could be said to be like the bellows. You are also generating heat, in the sacrum, in the...
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Trikonasana and Variations

Extended - Revolved - Bound - Bikram Trikonasana or the Triangle pose is a standing yoga pose that needs balance, flexibility, and strength. In Trikonasana, you are expected to extend both your arms and spread your legs apart. Besides, you also turn one of your feet at a 90-degree angle. Now,...
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Tips on how to do online yoga at home

Yoga at home for beginners guideAre you a beginner who wants to be able to do yoga at home but don’t know where to start? It might not seem like an easy task, but with some help on the way, you will get there! The hardest bit is actually to get started with a yoga class and to have the...
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How to master Bakasana - Crow pose

Bakasana or crow pose can be daunting at first - it involves some crafty arm balance skills and some guts. In Bakasana, the upper arms are bent, the knees are rested on the upper arms, and the body is lifted from the ground. A friendly reminder before we get started: always ease into a new pose...
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