Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga Primary Series postures

Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga Primary Series Yoga Chikitsa (योग चिकित्सा, Yoga Cikitsā) is the Sanksrit (संक्सृत्, Saṁksr̥t) name for the primary series and it can be translated as Yoga Therapy. Ashtanga yoga primary series is supposed to purify and heal...
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How to do Uddiyana Bandha Kriya

Uddiyana Bandha, Upward flying lock or Pre nauli that is called sometimes is an important exercise for health, well being, and energy flow. This exercise will help your digestive organs, improves digestion, massage your solar plexus and abdominal organs,  release tension and toxic, and...
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Ashtanga Vinyasa

History of Ashtanga VinyasaAshtanga yoga is amongst the most dynamic or energetic forms of yoga. Many yogis usually describe it as a yoga style that is physically demanding. One notable thing about ashtanga yoga is that yogis get to perform a particular number of yoga poses, which are in a...
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Ardha Chandrasana - Half moon pose

Ardha Chandrasana or Half moon pose is a quite challenging balancing pose that really urges you to focus. This pose also requires a lot of muscle strength from your whole body but mainly your ankles, thighs, hamstrings, gluteus, and core. In Ardha Chandrasana you will stand steady and...
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How to do plank pose - Step by step guide

Plank pose with variationsStep by step guideMost common plank variationsModificationsTutorialWrist warm-up classFree plank yoga classPlank pose also known as Adho Mukha Dandasana or Santolasana, Uttihita Chaturanga Dandasana or Kumbhakasana is one of our all-time favorite yoga poses, and is a...
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