Vinay Jesta

Vinay is an experienced Yoga teacher from India with over 12,500 instruction hours. Growing up in India he had a very easy access to Yoga, as most of the people around him practiced some kind of the practice, such as Bhakti, Karma and Jnana Yoga, and not only as asana. Vinay's journey into Yoga began at a very young age as his parents introduced him to the practice, mainly through pranayama and meditation. Yoga was also a part of his school activities, with his first teacher being from the Satyananda tradition. He later continued his journey with teachers from different lineages. 

Alignment-based Vinyasa Yoga is his true love and his teaching style is often called by students as very “natural” and “playful” because he has been immersed in Yoga since early childhood and has witnessed the multifaceted nature of Yoga which is not dogmatic. Vinay strongly believes that Yoga is for everyone, whether you are a spiritual seeker or a fitness enthusiast what matters the most is the Intention. He says that “Yoga is the path that leads you to be a healthier and better version of yourself. Everyone has their calling to practice Yoga and I am here to help them by sharing my knowledge and experience. Through Yoga, one can achieve a healthy body, peaceful mind and redirect their energy inwards for self-study (Svadhyaya). I love Inspiring people to make Yoga a part of their lives with my classes and workshops and courses, and this is what I find most rewarding."

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Vinay Jesta

1 Class

45 min

Yin Yoga Practice for Supple Hips

During this practice, we will focus on moving through a series of Yin yoga postures that will focus on opening up our hips. Long holds allow us to release tension and tightness through the deep connective that is not often affected in Yang like practices, allowing us to access the passive flexibility of our hips.

Hips are the area of the body where a lot of emotions from the past are stored unconsciously. Move through this practice and if feelings from the past arise just notice them and let them go, allow yourself to use props as showed to surrender more at times.

Enjoy your practice!