Janu Sirsasana - Head to knee pose

Janu Sirsasana or head-to-knee forward bend, it's a seated forward fold. The pose intends to extend and lengthen the spine and stretch the back by folding the body over one of the legs with the head resting on the knee. The other leg is bent so that the sole of the feet rests towards the inner...
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Warrior ll simplified

Warrior II is one of the most frequently recurring postures in a vinyasa class, but it can be tricky to get just right. Let's break it down into three easy steps that will allow you to get the most out of this posture.We start with step one, the base: your feet. You can either align your heels...
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Anjaneyasana - Low lunge pose

Anjaneyasana, or Low lunge pose, is a basic lunge pose that helps you to open up the front of your body. To get an image of how the pose looks like, you can imagine yourself proposing to the universe, standing on one knee. When in Anjaneyasana your arms are extended reaching up towards the sky,...
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Arm position - Downward facing dog

The placement of the arms during downward facing dog can be a little bit confusing for new practitioners and as well as an experienced one.It can vary a little bit depending on which yoga tradition your practice is based, but this is the way I find works for most students.What I show in the...
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