Trikonasana and Variations

Extended - Revolved - Bound - Bikram Trikonasana or the Triangle pose is a standing yoga pose that needs balance, flexibility, and strength. In Trikonasana, you are expected to extend both your arms and spread your legs apart. Besides, you also turn one of your feet at a 90-degree angle. Now,...
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How to master Bakasana - Crow pose

Bakasana or crow pose can be daunting at first - it involves some crafty arm balance skills and some guts. In Bakasana, the upper arms are bent, the knees are rested on the upper arms, and the body is lifted from the ground. A friendly reminder before we get started: always ease into a new pose...
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Balasana - Child’s pose

Balasana or Child’s pose is a basic yoga pose that you can use to rest in between a set of poses and gather your strength.In Balasana, you sit down on your knees with your upper body in a forward fold allowing your forehead to rest on the mat in front of you. It is a great pose to relax in,...
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Ardha Chandrasana or Half moon pose

Ardha Chandrasana or Half moon pose is a quite challenging balancing pose that really urges you to focus. This pose also requires a lot of muscle strength from your whole body but mainly your ankles, thighs, hamstrings, gluteus, and core. In Ardha Chandrasana you will stand steady and grounded...
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Ananda balasana - Happy baby pose

Ananda balasana, or Happy baby Pose, is a basic yoga pose, carried out while you are laying down on your yoga mat. By gently pulling your legs towards you at the same time as you kick your feet into your hands you create a stretch in your inner groin and back spine. At the same time, you are...
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