The Seven Chakras Beginners Guide

Chakras for beginnersIn this beginners guide to the chakra system, our goal is to get you an overview of the different main chakras. There are seven different types of chakras in the human body. Each of the seven chakras has a different type of energy. These seven chakras hold the energies in...
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The 5 Niyamas of Yoga Explained

“Niyama”  The 5 Niamas is the second limb, among the eight limbs of yoga described in Patanjali’s yoga sutra. It comprises of five internal practices, which extend the moral codes of conduct that Yama provides. Niyama extends these practices to a person's internal environment of...
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Eight Limbs of Yoga - Yamas Explained

Amongst the eight limbs of yoga, yamas are the first. They give spiritual, ethical and moral guidelines for a person who wants to achieve balance, health, and wellbeing that can help you to achieve spiritual development. In his yoga philosophy, Patanjali described the Yamas as the strong,...
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The 8 Limbs Of Yoga - Asana Explained in Depth

Asana practice gives incredible training sessions, which are way past our regular workouts. One notable thing about asana practice is that it has positive effects on the mind, soul, and body. Yoga is not all about practicing the challenging poses. When you add yogic-breathing to your movements,...
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The 8 Limbs Of Yoga Explained

Eight limbs of yogaProbably, you are already practicing yoga, and you are enjoying its benefits to your health. Because of this, you might decide to extend its effect on your entire life through the eight limbs of yoga. Patanjali introduced the eight limbs of yoga, to assist us to enhance the...
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