Ustrasana - Camel Pose

Ustrasana (pronounced as oosh-TRAHS-anna) is a back bending asana practiced in Hatha yoga. It is an extreme back bending exercise that stretches most parts of the body. The name Ustrasana is derived from the words ustra meaning camel and asana meaning posture. It, therefore, translates to Camel...
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What is Abhyasa: Practice?

The act of being present is harder than one may initially anticipate. To be focused entirely at the moment, the mind consumed by what is, rather than what will or may be, is a skill which takes practice and dedication to master. This is the idea behind abhyasa. Abhyasa is a Sanskrit word which...
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Setu Bandha Sarvangasana - Bridge Pose

Setu Sarvangasana is in the lying down and Intermediate Level of Aasanas category. Also called Setu Bandhasana, Dwi Pada Pitham, Shoulder Pose, Two-Legged Table, Half Wheel Pose, Kandhrasana, it has more scientific benefits as compared to other types of asanas.Setu Sarvangasana comes from three...
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Bikrams beginning yoga class

The sequence of the Bikram yoga poses sometimes referred to as the 26+2, is a system of hatha yoga poses and was created sometime in the early seventies by Bikram Choudhury. The 26 postures are picked from the classic 84 series by Bikram Choudhury's guru "Yogindra"  Bishnu Ghosh...
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Namaste Meaning - What You Need to Know

If you have ever attended a yoga class, then you are familiar with the word Namaste. But do you really know Namaste meaning? Many people take Namaste to only be a traditional but respectful greeting practiced in India. However, it is much more than greeting hello or goodbye. Namaste is one of...
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