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Pranayama for Root Chakra

Posted on 2019-06-18

Pranayama is a very powerful and focused breathing technique that directs your energy flow for self-realization and healing. In her study of the human bio-field, Dr. Valerie Hunt found this out. She established that people who felt ungrounded and lacked vitality often missed a certain energy frequency that’s associated with that of the Root Chakra.

Ungrounded states, where you don’t necessarily feel within your body lack physical vivacity and represent an imbalance in your energy spectrum. If your Root Chakra power is low, it’s a signal that you may be drawing less of it from the Earth. This often results in forms of numbness and dissociation. 

Hypo states like hypoglycemia, hypotension, and hypothyroidism show that you’re likely to be having insufficient subtle energy in your body’s grounding realm. The same applies to depression, fatigue, weakness, and general body under-functioning. 

Pranayama is the Answer

While many think of Pranayama as breath work, it has to do a lot also with the breathing, attunement, and direction of energy. Your intention in practice is to draw in power to replace the missing frequency in your biofield. In the case of being unground, the color red misses from the energy biofield’s spectrum. 


  • Find a disturbance-free spot
  • Adopt a sitting or standing position. It’s preferable to get the soles of the feet on the floor
  • Relax, turn inward to your inner stillness, and set your attention on your breath. You can utilize Ujjayi for a more in-depth focus and generation of heat
  • Follow your breath for a few moments, inhaling through the nose and allowing the breath to expand the belly, lungs, and ribcage. 
  • Exhale through the nose

Continue with the breathing pattern above before using the following visualization technique:

  • Imagine that roots are spreading down from the soles of your feet to the Earth’s center, anchoring you to the ground. 
  • During the inhale, imagine you’re inhaling red life-sustaining energy from the Earth, up to the roots and through the soles of your feet. 
  • Continue breathing in this energy upward through the legs and into the pelvic floor and the Root Chakra’s revolving, rich red cortex. This is where you’ll feel the absorption and distribution of the power through your body.
  • If you wish, hold the breath for a short natural pause at the end of your exhale
  • From the Root Chakra, exhale down the legs, through the feet, and down your roots back to the Earth’s center
  • Repeat this exercise several times, focusing on how grounded your hips and legs feel with the flow of energy 

As an optional exercise, you can breathe the red energy of the Earth further up your body and into the rest of the chakras. You can also do so into any of the areas that are associated with hypo-functioning to feel the energy’s stimulating effects upon it. Exhale down back to the Earth’s center. Repeat this cycle of breaths a few times. 

Start Today

Pranayama is the best exercise when it comes to directing your flow of energy for healing and self-realization. It helps you draw the power that’s necessary for the replacement of the missing frequency in anyone’s biofield. Try Pranayama today to get these benefits.

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