Meditation for Self Love

Posted on 2019-06-18

Everyone is born different, and there is no way one can change that aspect of life. Meditation is not meant to change you, make you a new person, or improve you. It's all about changing the self-perception you've got about you. Learn to live with your feelings and thoughts without judging or turning them off.

Meditation is a skill that you need to dedicate your time and resources to achieve the self-love you so desire. Get time to practice and be consistent, to get comfortable with the exercise. It becomes easier when you invest in a meditation teacher to walk you through.

Four steps will really help you to achieve your goals. This works well with the beginners as well as the experts, who find it easy because they started there. The journey to self-love through meditation is an art which you can achieve if you follow these steps:

Have a Clear Mind

It will be easier to meditate when your mind is clear, and you are not tensed. You cannot run away from the stresses of life, but a few stretches can get your mind and body relieved. Meditation can be done at any time of the day or night, as far as your body and mind are at peace.

Start the meditation with some exercises, to have enough oxygen flowing to your brain. Your body muscles are also strong and not tensed after a couple of body stretches.

Be Comfortable

For many years, meditation has been attached to crossed legs, burning candles, and fragrance smells. This is part of comfort, but one can also sit normally in a comfortable and quiet place. Pillows have been used to add comfort and prevent soreness. 

Distractions, tingling legs, sore muscles, and noise, are to be minimized or completely eliminated for a successful session. Sitting on a flat chair or the edge of a bed, in a quiet room, also works well.

Set Your Goal

Everyone has duties to attend to, and it is not also economical to sit for long hours meditating. A timer works well because you need to set the meditation duration. Setting a timer below your expectations works well because this is a habit you are trying to build. It will take time and practice to get to your meditation expectation.

Meditation results are noticeable, with durations of five minutes or more. This calls for practice and consistent, and you also need to avoid phone interruptions. Note that the longer the meditation session, the better it becomes.

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Relax and Meditate

With your stopwatch set, it's time to sit and relax in a comfortable position. Meditation is easy when your back is straight, and the feet flat on the floor. Get your limbs relaxed, palms on the knees, and face down. 

The purpose of this sitting position is to create a grounded mood. Relax and close your eyes immediately, you start the timer. The few minutes you are grounded in this position, is the time you only get to intercept with the physical world.


Patience and persistence are key factors in meditation practice. Your mind will wander, especially as a beginner, but you will stabilize with time. Self-love starts with finding peace, and a meditation teacher is there to help you fight your body resistant to this new and healthy habit.

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