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Bikram Yoga Advanced class of 84

Posted on 2018-11-07

In the Bikram yoga tradition from Bishnu Ghosh lineage, there are two yoga series, Bikrams class that was designed by Bikram Choudhury, the beginners class that is sometimes referred to as the 26+2 (yoga poses + pranayamas) and there is the advanced series that sometimes that is referred to as the 84 or the advanced class. The first series is taught and practiced all over the world, but the advanced class is mostly practiced by yoga teachers and taught by senior teachers. If you have been to any Bikram yoga studio you might have seen a poster of Tony Sanchez demonstrating the yoga postures of the advanced yoga series 84. 

Advanced Bikram is practiced in a room heated to 40 degrees Celcius, same as Bikram hot yoga, and takes anything from 1,5 - 3 hours. 


Pranayama - Standing deep breathing ( 20 fast repetitions)

Advanced asanas

  1. Virabhadrasana - Salute to gods and goddesses (8 count series) x 2
  2. Surya namaskar - Salute to the sun (8 count series)

Half moon series

Pars ardha chandrasana -  Lateral half moon pose 

Ardha chandrasana -  Half moon pose (backward bending)

Pada hastasana - Hands to feet (head to knees)

Trikonasana - Triangle pose 

Dandayamana bibhaktapada  janushirasana - Standing separate legs head to knee pose (Finish with no hands)

Utkatasana -  Awkward pose (3 parts)

Garudasana - Eagle Pose

Dandayamana janushirasana - Standing head to knee pose

  1. Finish with release foot, arm straight ahead
  2. Move arms back and place hands on back in hands prayer

Dandayamana dhanurasana - Standing bow pulling pose

Tuladandasana - Balancing stick pose

Bibhakta hasta tuladandasana - Separate hands balancing stick pose

Dandayamana bibhakatapada paschimotthanasana - Standing separate leg stretching pose

  1. Grab heels
  2. Hands in prayer
  3. Slide to the floor (side splits)

Guillotine warm up

Guillotine pose

Tadasana (Vriksasana) - Tree pose 

Padangustasana - Toe stand 

Bamanasana - Short man pose  “beach pose” warm up if necessary)

Angustasana - Finger stand pose

Kagasana - Crow pose

Bakasana - Crane pose

Pranasana- Life pose 

Lotus series

First, warm up with Astravakrasana (rock the baby) plus 3 x 20 leg circles

Sukhasana - Easy Pose

Samasana - Plain pose (two toes showing left over, right under)

Siddhasana - Success in meditation pose (heel to heel)

Bhadrasana - Gentle pose

  1. Head down forehead to feet (compression)
  2. Hands to knees (spine straight)

Swastikasana - Good luck pose (right/left)

Adrha padmasana - Half lotus (right leg over first)

Padmasana - Lotus (right)

Utthita padmasana - Lifting lotus (lotus finger stand)

Baddha padmasana - Bound lotus

Tulangalasana - Lotus in L

Garbhasana - Pregnancy (fetal) pose

Matsyasana - fish pose

Makarasana - Spider pose (reverse prayer hands)

Parbatasana - Mountain pose

Kukkutasana - Cock pose

Shavasana - Dead body pose

Pavanamuktasana - Gas (wind) removing pose

Cobra series

Bhujangasana - Cobra pose

Salabasana - Locust pose

Poorna salabasana - Full locust pose

Dhanurasana - Bow pose

Fixed firm series

Supta vajrasana - Fixed firm pose

Ardha-kurmasana - Half tortoise pose

Ustrasana - Camel pose

Sasangasana - Rabbit pose

Shavasana - Dead body pose

Janushirasana - Head to knee pose 

Paschimotthanasana - Stretching pose

Bibhakta pada paschimotthanasana - Separate leg stretching (straddle)

Mandukasana - Frog pose

Utthita paschimotthanasana - Upward stretching pose

Poorna bibhaktapada janushirasana - Full separate leg head to knee (splits)

Eka pada rajakapotasana -  Pigeon (left knee bent first/then right)

Dandayamana poorna janushirasana - Full standing head to knee pose (standing splits, stand on left first)

Poorna dandayamana dhanurasana - Full standing bow 

Savasana - Corpse pose 

Double sided series

Akarna dhanurasana - Bow pulling pose (archer pose right leg across first)

Chatushkonasana - Four angle pose (left knee bent across first)

Gomukhasana - Cow face pose

Ardha matsyendrasana - Spine twist pose (regular right/left - FULL right/left)

Savasana - Corpse posture

Bow leg series (leg breaking)

Eka pada gokhilasana - Bow leg pose (right/left)

Deepada gokhilasana - Both legs bow leg pose

Gokhilanana mayurasana - Bow leg pose in peacock pose

Gokhilasana parbatasana - Bow leg in mountain pose

Tortoise series (leg warm up right/left)

Eka pada shirasana - One leg overhead pose (right left)

Deepada shirasana - Two legs over the head pose

Utthita kurmasana - Upward tortoise pose (two kinds)

Kurmasana - Tortoise pose

Yoga nidrasana - Yogi in sleep pose

Ohm pose (right/left)

Goodbye pose (right/left)

Savasana - Corpse posture

Plough Series

Uthanapadasana - Leg raises (right/left/both) Halasana warm up (legs over head 5x) 

Savasana - Corpse pose

Halasana - Plough pose

Karnapitasana - Knees to ears pose

Sarvangasana - Shoulder stand pose

Urdha Sarvangasana - Lotus shoulder stand pose

Baddha Sarvangasana - Folding (lotus) in shoulder stand (showface)

Savasana - Corpse pose

Full Series

Poorna  bhujangasana - Full cobra pose

Poorna dhanurasana - Full bow pose

Poorna ustrasana - Full camel pose

Setu bandha - Bridge pose

Chakrasana - Wheel pose (any and all-wheel variations from standing/one legged/etc)

Savasana - Corpse pose

Peacock Series

Mayurasana - Peacock pose

Baddha mayurasana - Folding (lotus peacock) pose

Eka pada mayurasana - One leg peacock pose

Kahasta mayurasana - One arm peacock pose

Shavasana - Corpse posture

Headstand series

Ardha sirsasana - Half headstand pose

Sirsasana -  Headstand pose

Urdha sirsasana - Upward headstand (with lotus) pose

Baddha sirsasana - Folding headstand (with lotus) pose

Tiger series

Bagghrasana - Tiger pose (arm balancing)

Bagghrasana vrschikasana - Scorpion in tiger pose

Baggharasana brischikasana - Folding handstand (with lotus) pose

Likarasana - “lika” pose

Handstand series

Hastasana - Handstand pose

Hastasana - Upward handstand (with lotus) pose

Urdhva hastasana or Kukkutasana - Folding handstand (with lotus) pose

Eka hasta hastasana - one hand handstand

Vrschika hastasana - Scorpion handstand pose

Brikkhasana - Palm tree pose (one arm handstand)

Simhasana - Lion pose

Abdominal control - Nauli kriya

Kapalabati - Blowing (x300)

Savasana - Dead body pose

Advanced class finished

Advanced class in Australia

Advanced class in Spain


  1. Biarith karani mudra, do mudra in inverted position
  2. Aswaini mudra rectum mudra in no.1 or others
  3. Yogamudra count of six, up and down
  4. Maha mudra great mudra, left leg and right count six


  1. Uddiyana bandha - Depression of the abdominal wall
  2. Nauli bandha - Abdominal/rectus (both)
  3. Nauli dakhina - Rectus, right side
  4. Nauli bama - Rectus left side
  5. Nauli sanchalan, both sides right to left; left to right


  1. Jala dhouti - Cleaning with water.
  2. Bastra dhouti - Cleaning with cloth
  3. Nasa dhouti - Nose cleaning
  4. Galo dhouti - Throat cleaning


  1. Kapalbhati - Blowing
  2. Sitali insukha - Gomukhasana - Happy cow face meditation breathing

Bishnu Ghosh and Bikram

Bishnu and Bikram 

For deeper knowledge in Ghoshs yoga and Ghosh lineage, you can attend to Ida Jo and Scott Lamps for teacher training. Ida Jo and Scotts have also written books for beginners, Intermediate and advanced level. 

Tony Sanchez also has written books on yoga postures of the beginning series and the Bikram yoga poses, have teachers trainings for intermediate and advanced level. Check it out here.

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