Linnea Ahlgren

Linnea Ahlgren is a Jivamukti yogini who wants to fill men and women’s hearts with peace through yoga. Having realised that you need to start with yourself to make the world a better place, she abandoned a promising career in international relations to dedicate herself (and others) to yoga. She took the Jivamukti Yoga 300 hour teacher training in 2012, and has since helped many yogis and yoginis reach inner peace. 

In Linnea's classes, you will experience the merge and flow of breath and awareness. She hopes that she can expand the awareness of those who take her classes so that they better understand themselves and the system(s) surrounding them. When Linnea does not teach, she is known to eat large quantities of vegan pancakes, dreams of opening an animal shelter, and is truly a nerd/jedi at heart.

Linnea Ahlgren

20 Classes

20 min


The element of ether carries sound and connects us to speaking our truth. A short practice for when you are feeling somehow unable to communicate, be that through speech, writing or other forms of expression. 

60 min

Spiritual Warrior

Have about an hour and you want a well-balanced practice with sun salutations, standing postures, balances, backbends, forward folds, hip openers and inversions? The Jivamukti Yoga Spiritual Warrior sequence is a complete practice for when you don’t have 90 minutes to spend on the mat because, well, life…

25 min

When in doubt, reach for the Earth

A short sequence dedicated to the element of earth. With so much information continuously floating around the ether, we can begin to feel scattered and unbalanced, finding it hard to focus. Connecting to the earth element helps us regain stability and centeredness.

25 min


A short practice for when you feel your creative energy is stagnant, connecting you to the element of water and allowing you to connect to the current of inspiration that is always present beneath it all.

10 min

Ujjayi Pranayama

Remember walking into your first yoga class and wondering why everyone sounded like Darth Vader? Ujjayi, or “the victorious breath” serves many purposes in yoga asana practice, as well as being a powerful breathing practice of its own. In this short tutorial, learn the basic techniques for regulating your breath, allowing your time on the mat to develop into a moving mediation, with your breath reigning victorious over the chatter of the mind. 

30 min


Too many thoughts and worries and too much information can make us feel heavy and cloud our minds. This is a short sequence devoted to the element of air to invigorate and en-lighten us.

25 min

Between the Head and the Heart

Ever feel tight around the shoulders, neck and jaw? Join the club of the 21st, gadget-centric century. When not released, tension in these areas can create pressure on nerves with numbness in the arms and headaches as a result. This class can be taken both as regular maintenance, and when you are feeling stiff from too much time in front of a screen.

20 min

Stoking the inner flame

We can often feel lethargic after we over-indulge, be that in food, sleep or technology. This is a short practice to connect with the element of fire, stoke the inner Agni and reclaim your energy for when you are feeling sluggish.