Level 2

We continue to build on proper alignment and building strength, stamina, and flexibility, but start to link poses with breathing into a flow. Level 2 classes encourage yoga as a moving meditation through rhythm and flow. In order to develop mind-body vitality, these classes are more intense and more challenging. This is also where we start introducing more advanced poses to help you reach your next yoga level.

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30 min


Too many thoughts and worries and too much information can make us feel heavy and cloud our minds. This is a short sequence devoted to the element of air to invigorate and en-lighten us.

25 min

Between the Head and the Heart

Ever feel tight around the shoulders, neck and jaw? Join the club of the 21st, gadget-centric century. When not released, tension in these areas can create pressure on nerves with numbness in the arms and headaches as a result. This class can be taken both as regular maintenance, and when you are feeling stiff from too much time in front of a screen.

25 min

When in Doubt, Reach for the Earth

A short sequence dedicated to the element of earth. With so much information continuously floating around the ether, we can begin to feel scattered and unbalanced, finding it hard to focus. Connecting to the earth element helps us regain stability and centeredness.

20 min

Stoking the Inner Flame

We can often feel lethargic after we over-indulge, be that in food, sleep or technology. This is a short practice to connect with the element of fire, stoke the inner Agni and reclaim your energy for when you are feeling sluggish.

15 min

Shifting your Frame of Mind

Practice grounding inversions to retain a sense of lightness and clarity throughout the challenges of your day, whatever they may be.

15 min

Let's Begin

Today is day one of our strength yoga challenge and we start our first yoga workout with arms and core. Begin to experiment and modify to fit where your body is today, remember that you have three more weeks ahead of you so use your body in a smart way. You can do this; we are together all the way through.
15 min

Push and Release

In this workout, we continue to explore different ways to play with chaturanga. Have fun working out while using yoga postures such as navasana, chaturanga, and flowing through vinyasas.
15 min

Compress Yourself

This workout allows you to use your strength in a different way. Compression is an incredible way to workout without having to use your arms all that much. Get ready to feel your quads like never before and find a break by working on your core.
15 min

Mix it Up

This yoga workout is all about mixing up a bit from the last three days. Feel your arms, legs, and core, and finish your week feeling strong. Repetition and practice is what makes your body stronger, so let's practice what we have done during the week.
15 min

Let it Slide

This is a full body workout. Get ready to fire up new parts of your body. Move through dolphin pose to chaturanga, lunge pulses, and finish up using your towel to strengthen your hamstrings. 
15 min

Feel the Heat

Day two of the second week. Action from first minute when we start warming up the body with five vinyasa's before moving on to pike slides to get the core burning.
15 min

Slide Back

Keep your towel close to you because this workout will fire up your triceps. Move through squats, vinyasas, and finish up sliding on your towel as a way to target your triceps and shoulders. 
15 min

Slide it All Together

No need to do something else. Just slide it all together and make a wonderful full body workout. We bring back the sliding drills from the last three days. This will be intense but - oh so worth it.
15 min

Let's Plank

This week is all about incorporating plank into our workouts to activate our arms and core strength. Get ready to develop a love-hate relationship with it. Plank is a beginner's best friend: it's the perfect precursor to more challenging arm balances.
15 min

Tone Your Side

We move our plank to the side doing some side plank dips. This is excellent for strengthening the obliques as well as the entire core. Then get ready for core and arms too.
15 min

From Side to Crow

Planks can be a lot of fun! We bring in some movement switching from side to side, up and down strengthening our entire core. Then we move into Bakasana walks, Navasana to Arhda Navasana.
10 min

Fully Planked

A fully planked workout to make your body fire up. We incorporate drills from the past days and bring in a forearm hold at the end. This will be intense but short. You can do this!
15 min

Let's Put it All Together

The last week is here and we put it all together with our last four workouts. Your body will remember these drills, notice if they feel any different this time. Yoga-pushups and bicycles are on the meny today. Let's go! We start in downward facing dog.
10 min

Push and Slide

Dolphin pose to Four-Limbed Staff pose, side plank dips and hamstring slides anyone? This is a full body workout where you will put your arms to the test. Shoulders, core, and side body get their share before strengthening the hamstrings to finish this yoga workout.
15 min

Almost There

In this workout, you will work with push-ups, planks and a core exercise that may seem simple but will get you sweating. We are almost at the end of this challenge. Stay strong and enjoy it!
15 min

Find Your Strength

Welcome to the last workout! Get ready to have fun and work hard. Plank slides to forearm plank, Boat Pose (Paripurna Navasana) and just to make it even better some more core to finish this yoga challenge. Good job! You did it!