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21 or 30 day Yoga Challenge - Ultimate Guide for Beginners

Posted on 2018-09-17

Start a yoga challenge!

To do a yoga challenge, it doesn’t matter if you are an experienced yogi or a beginner who wants to explore the world of yoga, everyone needs a challenge every now and then. Sometimes it can even be a test to show up at the yoga studio or to roll out the yoga mat because of lack of goals and meaning.

You can experience that you are stuck in the same patterns, or that you’re not developing both psychically and mentally. It’s okay to have these thoughts and feelings, we all do from time to time. A yoga challenge can, therefore, be helpful to make it even more joyful, to experience growth and to see progress. It is time for your ultimate yoga challenge. We hope you will be able to find a challenge that suits you in this ultimate guide. 

Pick your yoga challenge

“Together we can face any challenges as deep as the ocean or as high as the sky”

Why should I do it?

Start by asking yourself what you want to experience after and during your challenge. What’s your goal for this yoga journey? Is it to make yoga a daily routine? Or is it to become more flexible or build core strength? To be able to meditate for a longer time? Whatever it is, start by asking yourself the question: what do I want?

A challenge is always a way to discover different sides of yourself and to put your practice to test. If you never challenge yourself, how will to make progress? To have a challenge is not about the end and goal, it’s about the journey to get there. It’s about self-care, body, and mind sometimes to get daily yoga practice. It’s about self-empowerment and about dedicating yourself to something for more significant meaning. A challenge is also a great way to get out of old habits or just to change your daily routine.

Stop here and take a breather with day 1 out of 21-day meditation challenge

10 min guided meditation with Guy Powiecki

21-day meditation challenge

Do you meditate? If you do or don't this meditation challenge is break in the day to clear the mind and regain the focus. Guy Powiecki will guide you through laying down, seated, standing and walking meditation. 

This 21-day meditation is the perfect challenge to give yourself. Accessible and no experience needed. We start right at the beginning and gradually develop it. Ever thought about meditating, now is the time. Be kind to yourself, meditate for ten minutes a day.

Meditation can help you to concentrate, be present, calm your mind, sleep better, feel better, basically improve every function of how your brain operates. If the brain and the nervous system are happier, this is also great news for the body!

This is self-care and perfect yoga for beginners

Try day one of the 21-day meditation yoga challenge here

StrengthTEN level 1 program

Yoga challenges to build strength with Lizette Pompa

Visit our website Yogateket, and you will find the strengthTEN challenge. This is for you who are a beginner or an old yogi searching for something new. With Lizette Pompa’s help, you will work both with flexibility and strength through a challenge for 10 days.

Each practice will be between 10 and 15 minutes. This is something you can do both with a friend, or by yourself in your living room. If you experience a struggle to even get to a studio, this is the challenge for you. Lizette will help you when you don’t feel motivated enough and will motivate you when you feel like stopping.


Strength challenge level 2

If you enjoyed Lizette's Yoga Challenge StrengthTEN level 1, then you are lucky that you have a level two yoga challenge as well. This challenge is set up a little bit different when it's instead of ten days straight spans over four weeks and have four yoga classes per week. You will find that you build lots of core strength in this short easy to follow yoga workouts with arm balances and standing poses to build strength and flexibility. 

This is a great way to continue and go deeper into your yoga practice and work even more on strength and flexibility. To stay disciplined and motivated is not easy, and this is why you don’t have to do it alone. Lizette will guide you and help you with your goal. 

Yoga is playful and fun, just as yoga should be. Put down your guard and go inside yourself to find your inner fire and depth. Roll out your mat and get started!

Start a free trial for online yoga challenge at Yogateket now!

Benefits of a strength challenge

  • Get stronger in arms and shoulders
  • Yoga for weight loss
  • Build core strength 
  • Stress relief 

Press play now and let us know how you feel afterward.

30 day yoga challenge

Do online yoga at home or in yoga studios or combine the two. Maybe you’ve already heard of this challenge? 30 days of yoga. This is for you who wants your yoga routine to be a part of your daily life and to develop fast. A 30 day yoga challenge is possible to do by yourself, in our yoga studio which has yoga classes every day, or you can use our yoga videos at Yogateket. 

Why should I do a 30 days yoga challenge?

To do a 30day yoga challenge is an excellent way to see your progress and focus on both breathing exercises, flexibility, and strength. The benefits of getting into a routine are not just a change and journey through your soul and body, it’s also a great way of self-empowerment and self-love. This is a part of your day when you are taking care of yourself and work on your mindfulness. Now you will find your yoga flow!

The most important thing to remember is to have fun and to make time in your schedule for yoga practice. It doesn’t have to be a long practice, it doesn’t have to be complicated. It’s up to you! You can decide whether you want to try different styles of yoga each day or focus on just one method like hatha yoga, Yin Yoga or maybe Vinyasa flow. 

To get an overall practice and to touch different styles of yoga you can try our Whole30 program. It is yoga for beginners and classes varies from just doing sun salutations, slow flow, yoga therapy, meditation and pranayama, this is really good if you are curious and want to try different yoga classes as a 30day challenge.

Pranayama breathing challenge

Step out of your "Yoga" comfort zone challenge

"Explore the Challenge." 

This might be challenging on more than one level. Trying out new yoga teachers, Yoga styles and maybe even yoga studios. Have you tried Vinyasa flow but never Hatha yoga or Yin yoga? This challenge is for you who want to explore all the yoga styles but don’t know where and how to start (hatha yoga, yin yoga, restorative, vinyasa flow, pranayama, and Ashtanga vinyasa). All yoga styles over one week to get a daily yoga practice. Now find that magic outside the comfort zone!

Morning yoga challenge

Yoga practice in the morning is a great way to start a day. It doesn’t have to be a hard-core workout, more of a practice to awake your body and to tune into your body and mind. How is your body feeling? Are you stressed, tired, or feeling inflexible after a long night of sleep. A good morning sets the mood for the rest of the day. If you are close to Uppsala, then you will find our 7 am classes at our studio where you can wake up your body and heighten your temperature now when it’s getting colder. If 7 am isn’t working for you, visit Yogateket for yoga non-stop whenever you have the time. 

Yoga pose challenge (Instagram)

How to build your set of yoga poses to your own practice. Are you a person who instead do yoga at home, and by yourself, than to do it with a class or follow directions from a video? This kind of yoga challenge has been popular on Instagram for many years now. Maybe you want to develop your own classes and work more on creativity and flow. In that case, this challenge is for you! Yoga Pose Challenge can be for a month, ten days or maybe just a week. Every day you set up a new series of poses. It can be a strength, abs, work on your glutes or just work on your breathing. At the end of the week, put together the series, and you have your own yoga practice just for you! So how to learn new poses? Get out of your old habits and start a new and good one? At Yogateket you will find all you need!

Practice tip! It is essential that when you do a yoga pose challenge that your body is warmed up and you are prepared for the pose or poses you will execute.  

Check out Sneaky strength yoga challenge

Sneakt strength instagram

Other yoga challenges that you can see on Social media 

  • Yoga flows
  • Balancing Poses
  • Acro yoga challenge
  • Yoga challenge for two
  • One person yoga challenge 


10 reasons why you should do a yoga challenge

                      1. Energy! It might take some energy to roll out your mat, but it’s nothing compared to the power you will get after your yoga practice.
                      2. Motivation. As you will see and feel progress, you will also become more motivated to go deeper into your practice.
                      3. Inspiration: it is inspirational to go to our classes at Hot Yoga Uppsala, and to talk to our teachers and other yogis about their yoga journey. Be inspirational for yourself by a challenge! 
                      4. Continuity: prove to yourself that you can practice continuously and make your practice a new habit.  
                      5. Loose old habits: maybe you are a person who finds excuses for practicing, or you’ve always wanted to become a morning person but never had the purpose of getting up? A yoga challenge can be that one thing that changes the small things in life for the better. 
                      6. To get stronger and more flexible. Who doesn’t want to take care of our bodies? It’s about prioritizing yourself and listening inside. We need to take care of family, friends, and living, but most importantly take care of our self!
                      7. Stress release. Yoga is an excellent way of stress relief, and to relax. Yoga is not about pushing yourself to the limit, it's so much more non-judgemental. It about strengthens your spirit, your body and to let go of all to do’s. 
                      8. Mindfulness. Are you experience that you live more in the past or in the future than your living in the present? It’s easy to disconnect when we should do the opposite. Start by taking a breath.  
                      9. Brain work out: Slow down our nervous system that’s way too often on flight or fight mode with yoga. 
                      10. Self-love and self-care.

                               Try day one of the 21-day meditation yoga challenge here

                      How can I get inspired?

                      Yoga should always be fun, joyful and easy. In today’s society, you have inspiration just around the corner that you can use in your yoga practice, yoga videos on Youtube channel like yoga with Adriene, Adriene Mishler's was one of the first yoga teachers that started with online yoga challenges or Lizette Pompa yoga, Instagram, social media and online. If you want more inspiration, then visit our yoga teacher’s Instagram pages to learn more, but also to get that fire burning. 

                      Follow Yogateket on social media for updates about our classes, new yoga challenges and as a reminder that your next class is just hours away. Yogateket's members always get the first yoga class for free at Hot Yoga Uppsala. 

                      Lizette Pompa, teacher, and co-founder at Hot Yoga Uppsala is continuously updating her Instagram with inspirational yoga flows, poses, and tips for your practice. Lizette is a pro at teaching you how to strengthen your body in all different ways. 

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