Linnea Ahlgren

Linnea Ahlgren is a Jivamukti yogini who wants to fill men and women’s hearts with peace through yoga. Having realised that you need to start with yourself to make the world a better place, she abandoned a promising career in international relations to dedicate herself (and others) to yoga. She took the Jivamukti Yoga 300 hour teacher training in 2012, and has since helped many yogis and yoginis reach inner peace. 

In Linnea's classes, you will experience the merge and flow of breath and awareness. She hopes that she can expand the awareness of those who take her classes so that they better understand themselves and the system(s) surrounding them. When Linnea does not teach, she is known to eat large quantities of vegan pancakes, dreams of opening an animal shelter, and is truly a nerd/jedi at heart.

Linnea Ahlgren

1 Challenge

1 week

Step Out Of Your Yoga Comfort Zone

This week one-week long yoga challenge is meant to be a tool to grow and transform and help you to step out of your "yoga" comfort zone. 
If you are not a yogi that are trying out new classes and teachers regularly, this might be challenging but at the same time super rewarding. 
In seven days you will try six teachers and five different styles of yoga.

“When was the last time you did something for the first time.” Anonymous


19 Classes

10 min

Shoulder Study Break

Whenever we sit at the computer for an extended period of time, be that answering e-mails, planning classes, or writing essays for my studies, I begin to feel tight and constricted across my shoulders and upper back. Here, I share with you my favorite poses to immediately offset the negative effects of desk-time, for any time during the day when you need a bit more space.

15 min

Wrist and Neck Therapy

If your work involves typing away at a keyboard, even if you do not practice arm balances or handstands, it is important to take care of your wrists, so that tension from them and the lower arms do not travel up into the neck. An efficient warm-up moves us into gentle stretches, with some bonus work for the feet.

60 min

Side Body Goodness - Parighasana

Many of us suffer from a lack of energy, or even anxiety, in our day to day lives due to an inability to take full breaths.

Sidebends help create space for and widen the diaphragm, that beautiful dome-shaped muscle that moves like a jellyfish underwater when you breathe, and allow the sternum to lift, supporting your experience of freedom in the breath. Plus, they feel really good. 

30 min

4 Essential Poses For Sleep

Mind running around like a hamster in a wheel, on repeat but with no substantial outcome? Or perhaps it has just been a really long day and you need to hug a bolster and chill? Whatever the reason, welcome to your asana bedtime story. 

30 min

Release Tension From the Hips - Mellow Edition

Does what it says. A sequence for when you are not feeling like a vigorous class that creates tons of heat, but you still want to unravel tension that has accumulated throughout the day in the area around the hips.

20 min

Quickie Calves

We tend to think of the upper back and neck as the place where we most often store tension in our bodies. However, stress also accumulates in our lower extremities, and when the calves tense up, they pull on everything else in the back body. A little goes a long way, so take a few minutes to give that often overlooked area some TLC.

60 min

Support Your Immune System

For when you are feeling the onset of a cold, in times of seasonal change, or better yet — as true ‘health’ care, before you even begin to feel sluggish. Begin by slowing down with mellow hip openers, and then gradually turn yourself upside down with grounding inversions, no jumps involved.

35 min

Sitting With Ease

To sit cross-legged on the floor is known as sukhasana, often translated as “easy pose”. But if we have been sitting in chairs, and not on floors, for the most past of our lives, it can be anything but comfortable. Move through a moderately paced sequence designed to release tension from your hips and spine, and to help you sit with a little more ease. 
10 min

Nadi Shodana breath

Alternate nostril breathing, or nadi shodana, is an effective way to even out the flow of energy in the body and between the two halves of the brain, bringing clarity, balance and a sense of wholeness back when we are feeling fragmented.

35 min


A class for those who, like me, do not find splits the most natural thing in the world. Open your hamstrings and your hips to ease towards wherever your edge may be at the moment, embodying the courageous leap of faith across the ocean, by the monkey god who gave the posture its name.

15 min

Shifting your Frame of Mind

Practice grounding inversions to retain a sense of lightness and clarity throughout the challenges of your day, whatever they may be.

45 min

Back in to the Future

Backbends feel challenging to many of us as they require us to move in the direction of the unknown, to where our gaze does not reach. Become comfortable with not knowing what’s around the corner, and safely ease into slightly deeper backbends by opening the front of the body.