Linnea Ahlgren

Linnea was born in Uppsala, Sweden, but has since called many places in the world “home.” She is an Advanced Certified Jivamukti Yoga teacher who first came to the method in 2010 through its focus on compassion for all beings as a means of liberation. Linnea has a Masters in International Relations but realized early on that the path to true peace must come from within, and today she tries to do her best in some small way to contribute to the collective awakening of the planet.

In Linnea’s classes, breath, movement, music, and awareness are joined together to facilitate a direct experience of the present moment, where we can let go of fear-based reactions, and feel connected to the ever-changing current of our lives. She is grateful to all of her teachers, known as unknown, on the mat and off, that has inspired the way she shares this practice. 

When she is not teaching, Linnea has been known to eat large quantities of pancakes, dreams of opening an animal shelter, speaks four languages fluently, and is truly a nerd/jedi at heart. 

“One does not become enlightened by imagining figures of light, but by making the darkness conscious.” Carl Jung 

Linnea Ahlgren

1 Program

3 weeks
Screenshot from an online yoga class at Yogateket Uppsala

Trust Your Foundation

In today’s society, there is a lot of talk about “finding balance,” as if it was some elusive, mystical state in a galaxy far far away, that we can only reach through much effort and experimenting. 

The truth is that balance is our naturally inherent state. If we could remove all the clutter, we have placed on top of the body’s natural wisdom, and become more adept at listening to what it tells us. We would know when something is throwing us out of that naturally present state of ease. Instead of burying that something under more distractions, we would simply let it go. 

Finding physical balance is about learning not to hold on, or grasp, for dear life, but rather trusting yourself enough to expand into the space around you. To live your life fully, with a sense of feeling grounded and rooted, yet infinitely light.

1 Challenge

1 week
Ashtanga-vinyasa meditation

Step Out Of Your Yoga Comfort Zone

This one-week long yoga challenge is meant to be a tool to grow and transform and help you to step out of your "yoga" comfort zone. 
If you are not a yogi that is trying out new classes and teachers regularly, this might be challenging but at the same time super rewarding. 
In seven days you will try six teachers and five different styles of yoga.

“When was the last time you did something for the first time.” Anonymous


25 Classes

45 min
Linnea ahlgren yoga Uppsala stretching yoga for PMS

Alleviate PMS

Although the subject of practicing at all while on the first days of your period is a controversial one, and the experience of these days are highly individual from woman to woman, and even from month to month. On request, I share what makes me feel good. Or, at least, a little better, on days when PMS, and perhaps feeling a little more vulnerable, are keeping me from a more dynamic practice. It is slow and soft, but no less valuable. 

70 min
camel pose linnea

Twists, Shoulders and Hips

Find your bind in this class with less talk and more movement. Move through a progressive sequence of twists, opening up the shoulders, the hamstrings and the outer hips along the way, leading up to Bound Revolved Triangle. Utilise the generated mobility of the spine for a short backbend sequence and finish up with a supine cool down. 

45 min
Linnea ahlgren yoga Uppsala low lunge pose

Learn to Love Your Hamstrings

When I first began practicing yoga, the backs of my legs were so tight, that forget about touching my toes - I could hardly reach my knees! Over the years, with a lot of time, dedication, and even more patience, these are the postures that have been beneficial in opening my hamstrings and turn forward folds from dreaded to enjoyable. Please stay at about 70% of what would be your maximum capacity, so that you leave a 30% room to grow. It is often when we soften, as opposed to when we push, that transformation occurs.
10 min
Linnea jivamukti yoga

Magic Ten

The Magic Ten is a series of 10 simple asanas designed by Sharon Gannon that can be done in about 10 minutes. It can be used either as a practice in and of its own when one is short on time, or as a warm-up sequence for a more extended asana practice or to prepare for seated meditation. 

25 min
Screenshot from a Online yoga class at Yogateket yoga studio from Uppsala Sweden

When in Doubt, Reach for the Earth

A short sequence dedicated to the element of earth. With so much information continuously floating around the ether, we can begin to feel scattered and unbalanced, finding it hard to focus. Connecting to the earth element helps us regain stability and centeredness.

15 min
Linnea is practising yoga on a green yoga mat

Foot & Ankle Therapy

Our feet and lower extremities carry and support us throughout our day. Let’s devote some time returning the favor by strengthening, lengthening and caring for them in return.

10 min
screenshot from online yoga class  at Yogateket yoga studio in Uppsala sweden

Shoulder Study Break

Whenever we sit at the computer for an extended period of time, be that answering e-mails, planning classes, or writing essays for my studies, I begin to feel tight and constricted across my shoulders and upper back. Here, I share with you my favorite poses to immediately offset the negative effects of desk-time, for any time during the day when you need a bit more space.

15 min

Wrist and Neck Therapy

If your work involves typing away at a keyboard, even if you do not practice arm balances or handstands, it is important to take care of your wrists, so that tension from them and the lower arms do not travel up into the neck. An efficient warm-up moves us into gentle stretches, with some bonus work for the feet.

60 min
Screenshot from a Online yoga class at Yogateket yoga studio from Uppsala Sweden

Side Body Goodness - Parighasana

Many of us suffer from a lack of energy, or even anxiety, in our day to day lives due to an inability to take full breaths.

Sidebends help create space for and widen the diaphragm, that beautiful dome-shaped muscle that moves like a jellyfish underwater when you breathe, and allow the sternum to lift, supporting your experience of freedom in the breath. Plus, they feel really good. 

30 min
Lauren matters is practising yoga on a green yoga mat

4 Essential Yoga Poses For Sleep

Mind running around like a hamster in a wheel, on repeat but with no substantial outcome? Or perhaps it has just been a really long day and you need to hug a bolster and chill? Whatever the reason, welcome to your asana bedtime story. 

30 min

Release Tension From the Hips - Mellow Edition

Does what it says. A sequence for when you are not feeling like a vigorous class that creates tons of heat, but you still want to unravel tension that has accumulated throughout the day in the area around the hips.

20 min

Quickie Calves

We tend to think of the upper back and neck as the place where we most often store tension in our bodies. However, stress also accumulates in our lower extremities, and when the calves tense up, they pull on everything else in the back body. A little goes a long way, so take a few minutes to give that often overlooked area some TLC.