Lauren Matters

Lauren Matters is a lighthearted and playfully grounded yoga instructor who has a profound understanding of body and psyche. She has a background in Hot 26, Vinyasa, and AcroYoga, but also more than 20 years experience of equine therapy and a degree in clinical psychology, so she is well versed in several ways to connect through both body and mind.

Lauren’s classes blend mindful balance and dynamic practice. Her intention is for the classes to be a dance between structure and flow, in order for each yogi to create their own freedom within this balance. And, of course, to allow everyone to approach yoga in their own way and get “schwifty” with balance, flexibility, and power! Don’t know what schwifty is? Guess you’ll just have to take one of Lauren’s classes to find out! (And maybe also check this out to get a hum!)

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Lauren Matters

37 Classes

50 min

50 Minute Play Time

Come to practice and play for 50 minutes or about, join me and let's see where we get to.
45 min

Varying Variations

Sometimes our practice can feel a little too bland or predictable, try adding variations to spice things up. This flow is full of different poses to work with, use your imagination and allow your body to feel and experiment.  
45 min

Warm and Fuzzy Flow

Do you need a hug? If this flow could physically hug you, it would. This class is full of flows and asanas that will make you feel safe, grounded, and as close as possible to that feeling of being wrapped up in a blanket by a fire on a winter evening. 
20 min

Abnormal Flow

What's normal or not normal? Come and move with me in different ways in this short but sweet abnormal flow. 
20 min

Big Toe Flow

Whether you can touch your toes or not, this flow will give you many options in your journey towards grabbing that big toe. 
30 min

May Ur Asana be Pretty as a Peacock

An impressive looking bird and posture, peacock pose requires abs and a good sense of humor. This flow will prepare you to take flight, or as much as a peacock can fly at least. 
30 min

Sock it to Me

Grab your favorite pair of socks and find a slidey surface as we play with transitions and poses that focus on strength and stability with socks. 
30 min

How to Train your Pet Camel

Ustrasana stole my heart when I began yoga as one of my favorite poses. This flow will explore variations of camel and ways I have deepened my backbending practice, without all the slobber. 
10 min

Wrist Watch

This quick class focuses on strength and flexibility in wrists, can be done as a warm up before your practice or as a daily routine. 
20 min

Game of Utkatasanas

Winter is coming, so use this flow full of transitions in and out of chair pose to warm up. 
30 min

Shiva Namaskar Salutation

Shiva Namaskar Salutation or moon salutation, this heart opening, back strengthening salutation adds variation to your practice. It is complete on its own, but feel free to add variations that suit your body and style. 
45 min

Inhale Confidence

You can do this! Studies show body language can influence our mood. Whether you want to pump up before an interview or just want a burst of happiness, let this confidence boosting flow brighten your day.