Lauren Matters

Lauren Matters is a lighthearted and playfully grounded yoga instructor who has a profound understanding of body and psyche. She has a background in Hot 26, Vinyasa, and AcroYoga, but also more than 20 years experience of equine therapy and a degree in clinical psychology, so she is well versed in several ways to connect through both body and mind.

Lauren’s classes blend mindful balance and dynamic practice. Her intention is for the classes to be a dance between structure and flow, in order for each yogi to create their own freedom within this balance. And, of course, to allow everyone to approach yoga in their own way and get “schwifty” with balance, flexibility, and power! Don’t know what schwifty is? Guess you’ll just have to take one of Lauren’s classes to find out! (And maybe also check this out to get a hum!)

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Lauren Matters

37 Classes

10 min

Hot 26 Breakdown 7

Walking into a hot yoga studio can be intimidating. Whether you have practiced for years or are just starting, the Hot 26 series evolves each time you roll out your mat. Studio classes often do not break down each pose due to time constraints. This program provides alignment tools, explanations of each pose, and variations to suit your body and mood, ending with a traditional 60 minute class.
60 min

Hot 26 full class

A full class where you get to try all we have learned so far of the Hot 26 more known as Bikram yoga.
30 min

Hot 26 standing series

We move through the standing series of the Hot 26 class. 
15 min

Hot 26 spine series

The floor series starts with wind removing pose and is followed by a series of poses aimed to strengthen the back. Practice your backbend from a place of strength. 
20 min

Hot 26 seated series

Traditionally, the standing series is considered a warm up for the floor poses. Practice with me as we explore the floor poses in Hot 26.
15 min

Hot 26 final series

Finish up the floor series strong with asanas that will open the front and back side bodies, hips, shoulders, and lungs.  
30 min

Breath Centered Flow

Every flow should be lead by the breath, but here is a flow that pays extra close attention to the union of breath and movement. 
45 min

Back on Track

All jokes aside, strengthening my back muscles with yoga was the only therapy that relieved lower back pain for me. This flow focuses on increasing back and core strength to ensure a healthy spine and prevent back pain. 
10 min

H26: All the Angles

Dandayamana Bibhaktapada Paschimotthanasana, Trikonasana

We allow the heart rate to lower with standing separate leg stretching, transition to our peak standing pose: triangle, and use all the bandhas in standing separate head to knee pose. 

20 min
Yoga teacher performing yoga posture on green yoga mat on white background

Snack Size Vinyasa

Fit this flow in during a lunch break or when you want to practice but are running low on time. Don't let the length fool you, this vinyasa is designed to pack it all in!
30 min

Bend So You Don't Break

Dynamic Flexibility: Back & Spine

Perhaps the most important area to have dynamic flexibility, backbends require both strength and openness. Whether you are looking to deepen your backbend or strengthen your back, this class balances both so your back stays healthy and limber. Actively during our backbends, we will engage our entire body. Many times we compensate with our lower back during our openings, this time we will do it right!

35 min

Dirt Off Your Shoulder

Dynamic Flexibility: Shoulders

And the award for most requested focus area in yoga classes is: Shoulders. This class focuses opening all sides of the scapula and surrounding areas through active stretching. Stress and work make our body tense and uptight. So let's open up, strengthen and get our bodies ready for backbends. Together we will get grounded and relax.