Daniel Scott

Daniel Scott is a yogi provocateur who started doing yoga to impress a girl, but got hooked by the practice itself. Now a globally renowned Ashtanga-Vinyasa teacher and Certified Level 2 AcroYoga instructor, Daniel teaches his students to move into the asanas instead of through them. Even though he has been a yogi for years, he still feels like he is just warming up!

Daniel's classes are a lively mix of balance and improvisation, strength and flexibility, breath and body, but always with “foundation before decoration”. He encourages his students to go with the flow with the motto “Live forever or die trying!”. Daniel also practises barefoot running, calisthenics, and (to improve the AcroYoga) acrobatic strength training. He enjoys large quantities and great qualities, making his classes likely to give you inspiration – and sore muscles!

To learn more about Daniel Scott, visit his webpage.

Daniel Scott

23 Classes

45 min

Just Want to Move

For the next 45 minutes, we're going to do yoga. This class offers you a little bit o’ everything necessary to maintain strength, flexibility, and sanity.
45 min

Slow Strength

Fast is easy. Slow is not. Build strength through slow movements in this 45-, minute "Power Hour" and learn to move into postures, not through them!
45 min

Strong Flow

Looking to build strength?

This 45-minute class moves to build strength and flows with intention throughout your whole body. Get ready to feel strong!

20 min

Skandasana Tune-Up

Want to play around with some lateral hip-openers while crawling around on your mat? This 20-minute session is perfect for you.
20 min

Yoga 20: Stand Tall 2

For the next 20 minutes, you're invited to do even more work on standing postures and balance poses. Stand tall, intrepid yogi!
30 min

Halftime: Seated

This 30-minute class is composed mainly of seated postures and is designed to help you open up twists, forward folds, back, and hips.
45 min

Happy Hour: Garudasana / Gomukasana

This 45-minute “Happy Hour” is a tension-releasing blend of shoulder and hip openers built around the timeless marriage of the Eagle and the Cow.

45 min

Go With the Flow: Cosmic Egg

Don't check out during yoga, check in with your body's full movement potential! This session is built around moving into, arriving, and flowing our from Cosmic Egg. Harder than you think!

20 min

Yoga 15: Post-Workout Maintenence

Do you run, cycle, or do anything else besides yoga? Take 15 minutes after every workout to maintain that flexibility you work so hard to create.

20 min

20 minute plank

In the next 20 minutes, You are going to become intimately connected with your core. Thank you static holds!

45 min

Go With the Flow 30: No Warriors, No Dogs

For the next 30 minutes, we're going to do yoga. Would you believe we won't do one warrior pose or even a single downward facing dog? Join in on the fun!

15 min

15 minute core

Take 15 to build some core strength and awareness, yogi!