Daniel Scott

Daniel Scott is a yogi provocateur who started doing yoga to impress a girl but got hooked by the practice itself. Now a globally renowned Ashtanga-Vinyasa teacher and Certified Level 2 AcroYoga instructor, Daniel teaches his students to move into the asanas instead of through them. Even though he has been a yogi for years, he still feels like he is just warming up!

Daniel's classes are a lively mix of balance and improvisation, strength and flexibility, breath and body, but always with “foundation before decoration”. He encourages his students to go with the flow with the motto “Live forever or die trying!”. Daniel also practices barefoot running, calisthenics, and (to improve the AcroYoga) acrobatic strength training. He enjoys large quantities and great qualities, making his classes likely to give you inspiration – and sore muscles!

Daniel says, of course, you can learn yoga online

Daniel Scott

25 Class

30 min

Halftime: Strengthening

This is a 30-minute class designed to help you build strength in your yoga and movement practice. Try it out once a week!