Open up with Lizette Pompa

When was the last time you dedicated 10 to 20 minutes to open up a specific area? Give your body time to really explore where you can get while focusing on just one area at a time.
Open up with Lizette Pompa

Collection with 4 classses

Open your hamstrings

Twenty minutes to bring all your awareness to your hamstrings. Take your time and stretch the back of your legs in different ways to slowly reach splits. 

Open the hips

A twenty minute flow to work all around your hips. Have two blocks close to you to support your body and modify your practice if needed.

Open with twists

We focus on twisting the body allowing to release anything we don't need. Perfect practice to do after backbends.

Open Your Back

Nothing as revitalizing as backbends. Give yourself 15 minutes to open up your back.