Yoga Therapy

Accessible for everyone.  Designed to alleviate suffering from postural problems, neck and back pain, or life on the computer.  The course can also be a good place for beginners to start or for anyone wishing to dive into the foundation of their practice.

We use a lot of simple spinal twists and bends.  The aim is to work on spinal mobility and to start to correct postural imbalances, allowing free movement and spinal health.

Core strengthening exercises are introduced.  Often posture problems manifest due to a weakness in the core.  Your core will be strengthened in the appropriate places.

Yoga Therapy

Week 1

Yogi is practising yoga on a blue yoga mat on white background

Intro talk

This short video should be watched before starting the programme.  It gives general information about the course and what we will do.

It will help you get the most out of the programme and highlights who it is for and who will really benefit.  

Get the most out of the course.

Yogi is practising yoga on a blue yoga mat on white background

Our journey starts here

Our journey starts here.  We are feeling into our bodies and starting small in terms of the movements.  Releasing tension from spending too long at a desk or on the computer.We begin to address spinal mobility and strength with accessible exercises.

Part of the practice is learning to relax and let go of muscular tension.

Yogi is practising yoga on a blue yoga mat on white background

Physiotherapy movements

A mixture of simple yoga exercises and physiotherapy movements.  All designed to work on the health and strength of the spine.

You will be learning how to articulate the different parts of your back and starting to form a connection to your posture.

Week 2

Yogi is practising yoga on a blue yoga mat on white background

Strong and Stable House

By now you will be becoming familiar with some of the movements and learning more about your own body.This class builds on what we have already been doing and continues the work, in the same way, developing things bit by bit.  

We are building a strong, stable house with our body.

Yogi is practising yoga on a blue yoga mat on white background

Developing Appropriate Core Strength

We go deeper into some of the movements and spend more time in the strength building exercises.

You have developed a good foundation and we continue to work it in the same way, with spinal twists and bends, while developing appropriate core strength.

Week 3

breathing techniques

Letting Go of Poor Posture

We focus this week more on core strength. We have been loosening up our spines and letting go of poor posture patterns, now we must stabilize them. Spinal twists and bends are still used.  At the same time, we develop the core exercises further that have been introduced in the earlier classes.

Pranayama practice at Yogateket

We Bring it Together

The final class tries to tie everything together. We work once again on the most vulnerable areas of the spine. Core strength is made complete by exercising all the different sides of this most important container.

After completing this class you can repeat any of the classes that you found most helpful or you can simply pull out certain exercises that you felt were of the most benefit to you.