Vinyasa Fundamentals

Whether you are new to yoga or just new to Yogateket the basics of every style are a strong foundation to your practice. Vinyasa fundamentals is short beginner program to get your yoga practice right from the get-go.  

Learn how to begin to practice a vinyasa style in a safe and strong way so that you can move through a full class feeling confident and having a better understanding of the postures.

You will review something different on each class, from the concept of ujjayi breath to the foundational postures such as downward facing dog, plank pose, chaturanga, upward dog, warrior l, warrior ll and high lunge.

This is a perfect place to start if you are feeling unsure and a bit overwhelmed with what a full class. Remember that this is just the beginning and the more you practice the easier it will get. So bring your mat and couple of blocks and let your journey begin. 

Vinyasa Fundamentals

Week 1

Vinyasa Fundamentals Day 1

If you want to learn the basics of Vinyasa you are in the right place. In this first class, we focus on the concept of ujjayi breathing, how to create the sound and begin to create an internal heat.

Next, we move onto Tadasana, how to fine length through the spine that will then translate into other postures.

Lastly, we review downward facing dog, how to create a stable base using the hands on an effective way to bear weight on our hands.

Vinyasa Fundamentals Day 2

Today we will continue to bear weight on your hands, so remember everything we learned yesterday during downward facing dog.

We start with plank pose, finding tadasana but with the hands on the floor. Moving into chaturanga, how to place your hands and shoulders to move in a safe and efficient way. Finishing with upward facing dog and noticing how every single movement from down dog up to here has prepared you for this posture.

Vinyasa Fundamentals Day 3

Let’s stand up and begin with the standing postures.

Beginning with warrior ll and covering the hip placement which sometimes feels so tricky to get. Moving onto High lunge trying to find tadasana while working efficiently with the legs and hips. Finishing with warrior l and how to incorporate a bit of the last two poses to feel stable here.

Vinyasa Fundamentals Day 4

Today we begin by finding different ways to transition from downward facing dog to stepping onto the top of the mat. Then we wrap it up with a quick flow sequence to put everything you have learned together.

Remember that this is the beginning and everything will get easier with practice, practice, practice.