Vinyasa Fundamentals Day 1

If you want to learn the basics of Vinyasa you are in the right place. In this first class, we focus on the concept of ujjayi breathing, how to create the sound and begin to create an internal heat.

Next, we move onto Tadasana, how to fine length through the spine that will then translate into other postures.

Lastly, we review downward facing dog, how to create a stable base using the hands on an effective way to bear weight on our hands.

Vinyasa Fundamentals Day 1_0 Vinyasa Fundamentals Day 1_1
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Lizette! This was so helpful! Looking forward to the other fundamental classes. Thank you
Thanks! so happy to hear that.




Loved this. So much great info I have never received in a live class! Great work Lizette!
Thank you Ashlynn, so happy to hear you found it helpful.


This is fantastic. Was so excellent and full of information. I'm using it for my own teaching education. Thank you always for such quality content.
Thanks Jannah, it's always amazing how much we can learn as we go back to the basics.