Dynamic Flexibility with Lauren Matters

Motion + Flexibility = Dynamic Flexibility. When is the last time you pulled a muscle while just sitting still? Never. Dynamic flexibility keeps our joints, muscles, ligaments, and tendons safe when in motion. Flexibility without proper muscle support is dangerous, while strength often hits a wall due to inflexibility. This series builds both strength and flexibility to find new depths by building, not reaching.
Dynamic Flexibility with Lauren Matters

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Lauren is practising yoga on a green yoga mat

Dirt Off Your Shoulder

Dynamic Flexibility: Shoulders

And the award for most requested focus area in yoga classes is: Shoulders. This class focuses opening all sides of the scapula and surrounding areas through active stretching. Stress and work make our body tense and uptight. So let's open up, strengthen and get our bodies ready for backbends. Together we will get grounded and relax. 

Lizette is practising yoga on a green yoga mat

Bend So You Don't Break

Dynamic Flexibility: Back & Spine

Perhaps the most important area to have dynamic flexibility, backbends require both strength and openness. Whether you are looking to deepen your backbend or strengthen your back, this class balances both so your back stays healthy and limber. Actively during our backbends, we will engage our entire body. Many times we compensate with our lower back during our openings, this time we will do it right!

Yogi is practising yoga on a burgundy coloured yoga mat on white background

It Takes Two to Tango

Dynamic Flexibility: Hips and Hamstrings

Find the sweet spot between a rubber band and Arnold Schwarzenegger. Balancing flexibility and strength is paramount to preventing injury and advancing your practice. We will work dynamically and break down different sequences and engage our muscles step by step. It can be hard, in the beginning, to open up your hips but with tips on the road, you will get there!