Let's Begin

Today is day one of our strength yoga challenge and we start our first yoga workout with arms and core. Begin to experiment and modify to fit where your body is today, remember that you have three more weeks ahead of you so use your body in a smart way. You can do this; we are together all the way through.
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This made me break out a sweat and I also feel a little under the weather. So it was a cold sweat. I also thought as I was doing this "ah, this feels right." I've been looking for so long.
So glad it felt good! Good job to you.


Challenging, but fun!


This was delightful! Loved this flow!
Thank you!


Amazing! Broke a swear on my lunch break...perfect transition to the rest of my day ❤️
Thanks! and good job!


*sweat I did almost swear, but just sweat this time
hahaha thanks Zara!


Today is my day 1 of this challenge. It was a challenge. I have identified areas that I can work to improve... lol . Thank you Lizette for doing this challenge!
Oh we all have ares to improve. Thanks for joining.


I'm back! And so happy!!
Welcome back!


Challenging and fun! My only suggestion is that I would have liked to see you demonstrate the modified versions for the dolphin exercise. Thanks!
Thanks for the feedback Whitney.
testing comment


Challenging and I love it ❤️🙏🏻
Wow, so challening 👍