Get Sweaty

Use your whole body and break out a sweat. Use the next 20-minutes to move through your upper body, core, and legs in a workout yoga class setting. No fancy equipment, all you need is your mat and towel, and you will be feeling your whole body working hard.

Come, join me and get sweaty!

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two towels... one for the excerises and the other one for the sweat!
That means that you did a fantastic job!


Those squat pulses burned so good!
I know!!! :)


That was such a great total body workout!
Thank you so much Alyce.


YES!!! Love this! Dripping sweat, such an effective strong full body workout. Thank you Lizette!
I know! I was dripping sweat too :). Thanks Jannah.


I need to do more of these workouts. My hamstrings were dying in the bridge pose
I know, whenever we do those in class, there's a general sound of pain going around, pain in a good way I mean :)


love it.
Thanks Dear!


Great class Lizette! My hamstrings are screaming in agony! In a good way 👍
Ha! I know the feeling :)
Amazing workout!