Wrist Mobility

Our wrists are such an essential part of our practice; they support our body weight in many of the postures we practice daily. This short class goes through different ways to strengthen our wrist and find true mobility, especially through wrist extension (the shape they are in during plank pose). This class is an excellent way to start any yoga practice, finding time to prepare your wrist before bearing weight.
Wrist Mobility_0 Wrist Mobility_1
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siempre guiándonos y ayudándonos a cuidar nuestro cuerpo. gracias linda!!
Es lo que más me gusta hacer :)


Love this! I type all day and fine my wrists/forearms super tight, definitely going to be revisiting this!
Yes! this is what you need. What we all need!


Super helpful! Yes, exactly it feels so much better and empowering to be on the hands after those movements. Thank you Lizette!


Really helpful! I broke my wrist 18 months ago. I’ve recovered almost 100% of mobility but I can see a bit difference with my “healthy” wrist. Those exercise will help me a lot. Thanks!