Welcome to Your Practice

Today it’s the beginning of the program. Get familiar with your yoga mat and blocks but most importantly with your Ujjayi breath and downward facing dog. Start feeling your body and connect to the new mat space that will transform you during these four weeks.

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Thank you!!!
Your welcome and welcome to Yogateket.


Wow! I loved the first class! Thank you 🙏🏼
You are welcome.


This is better than any beginners class I've ever taken! Really appreciate how it's broken down and loved the bit about the breathing! Thank you!!
Thank you so much Leah! Really appreciate it 🙏


Awesome! Love Lizette’s tips on hinging the hips for downward dog and sun salute! 🙌🏾


You are great, Lizette! My daughter just gave me a 6-month subscription after watching you on YouTube. My yoga journey has begun!


Thank you! I am very stiff and have weak upper body so I am modifying using blocks. Any other suggestions for someone like me?