Twist to Release

This class focuses on the spine, specifically in the thoracic area. Use the next 45 minutes to explore movements through the middle back such as twisting, opening and closing the chest and side bend while keeping the lower back (lumbar spine) in place.

Get ready to release your spine and feel a lot lighter after class.

Twist to Release_0 Twist to Release_1 Twist to Release_2
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you made me laugh and suet!
Gracias! :)


Love this class, especially the twist to come into warrior 2! 😄🙏 I also found it easier to do bridgepose after this class 👏
Oh! So happy to hear that, so good!


Thanks for a great class! Lots of great new twists :)
You are welcome Whitney.


Great class ❤️


Love this class, and the fact that you work both the spine and the legs. I did it two days in a row now and I am sure I will do it again!