Today We Flow

Congratulations! You made it through these four weeks, and now you are ready to continue with your journey. This is just the beginning even if you are not a beginner anymore. Today we flow bringing in everything you have learned during this time. We will use two blocs during this practice. You can always use books or anything you have at home if you don't owe any blocks. 

Get ready to flow and have fun.

Today We Flow_0 Today We Flow_1
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Thanks Lizette for these 4weeks: wonderful😍😍
You are welcome, Lorenzi! Thank you so much for joining the program.


Thank you so much! A wonderful class for sure!! I'm ready for the next one!!
Good job Jeanette!


Thank you so much Lizette for a great 4-week class! You are a great teacher!


Thank you for an excellent series! I think the backbends this week were too much for me, even with your excellent instruction about protecting the lower back.