Hip Mobility

Move through internal and external rotation of your hips; see where you are and then learn to control that range. This class is not about how much you can open your hips but more about how much control you can bring into this area. Hip stability will give you lots of support during your yoga practice. 
Hip Mobility_0 Hip Mobility_1 Hip Mobility_2
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Dang so many muscles working that I have never felt in the typical passive 90/90 taught in so many classes.
I know! There's so much happening there.


My comment is too long for one apparently, Are there prep poses to help develop strength to lift foot/legs or just keep practising this pose?
Do you mean to lift the back leg's foot from a 90/90 position? As in internally rotating the back hip? You could lay on your side, legs to a 90° and lift the top foot up keeping the knees together. Hope it makes sense :)


Fantastic hipwork. During this practice I giggled, then you laughed - so funny!


Thanks hope to get stronger !


great class!