Yoga Roll

Build strength on the upper body with this Ladder Flow. We'll energize the arms and the back with postures like downward facing dog, plank pose, and chaturanga. Arms are very important to our practice, and sometimes it's hard to get them stronger, but with this sequence, you'll definetely feel them by the end of the class. Ladder flows are different than a regular vinyasa class because of their sequencing. We'll begin with two or three postures and then we'll keep on adding one or two new movements per round. Downward facing dog is a crucial posture for every practice and specially for our ladder flows because they're a significant link between rounds and also it engages the all muscles of our body (you'll seel we'll practice it a lot!!). Join me on the mat!!
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im in! and i loved it!! tks Amaranta! gracias!!


I thought I couldn't make it for after the third round, but I trust my body as you said! It feels amazing. Thank you so much!
Yay!! Congratulations. Thank you.