Twisted Twist

Challenge the body and the mind with this ladder flow where we'll open the hips, but we'll also build strength in our arms, legs, and core. Hips stock all our emotions and sometimes we forget to give them the right stretch to release tension from them. They're also very important to achieve postures as "Hanumanasana", where we need to have our hips open and relaxed. As in all of our Ladder Flows, we'll do 5 rounds in total, adding one or two new movements per round. I promise that by the end of the fifth round of this Ladder Flow you'll feel your hips much more open as well as the entire body energized and much more stronger.
Twisted Twist_0 Twisted Twist_1 Twisted Twist_2
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i loved it! todo lo que llevo aprendiendo en estos meses está dando frutos yeso es increíble! gracias amaranta. alegría eso siento after the class
Que alegria Paola! Gracias a ti.