Not Your Typical Hamstring Class

This class might not be your typical hamstring stretching session but will for sure wake up your hamstrings and give them a balance between strength and flexibility. Move through typical hamstring stretches and then twist them a little bit by finding your active range of motion.
Not Your Typical Hamstring Class_0 Not Your Typical Hamstring Class_1
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Oh absolutely!This is so essential and that is one of the things I value most about your classes and programs here. Thank you for this wonderful class.
It is and we truly believe on it. Thanks Jannah.


you are so kind and helpful! tks for all that you teach to us!! besos lizette!!
Thanks Paola, Besos a ti.


Thank you for recommending not just stretching the hamstrings, but strengthening!
Exactly, strengthening them will make them more resilient and less drawn to injury.


This felt very refreshing after a 3 mile run. Thank you :)