Lower Body Love

We often think of a vinyasa class having a lot of focus on upper body strength. Well, get ready to bring the attention to your legs. From balancing to strengthening sequences, the next 40 minutes will be all about making your legs shake (in a good way).
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Tks! It was really rough for the legs but soooo nice! 🤗🤗🙏
Thanks Paola :)


Thanks Liz!! Always super challenging, but so good! ;* (marastina)
Thanks Chiara ❤️❤️❤️


Really liked this, felt it in my legs but was relaxed and slow at the same time! Thank you!
So good to hear that. Thank you so much.


Lovely class!
Thanks Johanna!


Thank you Lizette! I had a lot of pleasure even if it as rough:)))
That's just the perfect blend :). Thanks!


Thank youak for this amazing leg workout. Love it, enjoy the pain and the shaking while trying to find the balance:))