Jaime White

Jaime White is a third-generation Classical Pilates instructor with over 16 years of teaching experience. Her clients have ranged from NFL athletes, triathletes, post-rehab, and Pilates apprentices and teachers. She has been teaching and certifying other instructors for a decade. 

Jaime believes that Pilates is a practice much like yoga and the beauty of it unfolds with regular workouts. Jaime started her Pilates journey in NYC and became certified in 2003 through Authentic Pilates. After many years of teaching in NYC and Philadelphia, Jaime used her knowledge to open and operate a thriving Pilates and functional training studio. After 8 years of building her dream environment, she sold it to staff that has kept the vision alive and well so she could explore her passion for traveling and teaching other teachers. She loves passing down knowledge and guiding her students and practitioners into a deeper level of understanding of the Pilates method.

The devil is the details and small changes yield big results. Currently, Jaime is an acting co-founder of Pure Body Teacher Training for Pilates teacher education. The goal of PBTT is to create highly employable, passionate, ethical and effective teachers to carry on the work and philosophy of Joseph Pilates' classical work combined with modern science. PBTT is currently growing to several cities in the United States and internationally. Jaime currently travels the globe teaching for PBTT as well as independent workshops and seminars. 

Jaime White

2 Classes

20 min

Rock and Roll Mat

One of my favorites! I am a runner in addition to doing Pilates and Yoga and a big kid at heart. This intermediate/advanced workout is a super fun way to find new strength and flexibility in your body. Have fun and make sure you double up your mat or add a blanket underneath as we will be rocking and rolling!

20 min

Mountain Climber

This class is sure to get your heart pumping!  Mountain climber is a great circuit to build power and strength in your lower body. The exercises in this class should get a good sweat going and a consistent repeat of this one will have you bounding up mountains in no time. Pay attention to the alignment of your feet on this one as that is where your power starts.