Monday Workout #1

Welcome to your Monday yoga workout! This is not a yoga class but strength training is a great way to compliment your yoga practice. For this workout you need a pair of dumbbells (you decide the weight). We will be working shoulders, triceps, hamstrings, chest and core.
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Love these Lizette. I'm turning 53 next month and your yoga and strength video's are keeping me feeling like I am much younger. Thank you!
Thank you so much Elizabeth, your message makes me really happy.


Fantastic workout! Got 3 rounds :)
Three rounds! Way to go!


Super workout - thank you LIzette. I've been following you on instagram for some time now, and love the yoga strength you do. One day I'll actually be able to do as many press-ups as you!
Thanks, Caroline! So happy to have you here!


Love these! I like that they are short but easy to repeat. Keep them coming- today I got 4 rounds💪🏼🔥💥
Thanks Jessica!!