4 Weeks

Yoga Strength Challenge

Looking for a fun and rewarding challenge? Look no further! In the next four weeks, you will follow a yoga workout with Lizette Pompa that will help you grow stronger and develop your yoga practice. Finding the discipline to do this on your own is no easy task, so you have the opportunity to do our Yoga Strength Challenge together with Lizette every step of the way. She will make sure that you’ll do your best – and have fun doing it! Who knew plank pose (and countless variations thereof) could put a smile on your face? Lizette hosts each class in her own playful and down-to-earth manner and does all the exercises with you. If you’re feeling low on energy one day, Lizette will encourage and invigorate you so that you’ll leave the mat full of energy.

Yogateket’s Yoga Strength Challenge will help you build a strong foundation and a consistency in your training. Apart from getting stronger, the goal of this challenge is for you to make a habit of working out. Our hope is that at the end of this challenge, these fifteen-minute workouts end up leaving you wanting more. If so, you can easily combine them with your regular yoga practice. In fact, we encourage you to do so. Yoga and strength drills are perfect complements to each other. You need both to get the most out of all the yoga positions (asanas) and balance your body. With our Yoga Strength Challenge, you get a calisthenics-inspired fast track to the next level in your yoga – whatever that may be. The classes are designed to give you all-round strength using your body weight (and a few simple props) in classic and modified asanas as well as classic strength exercises (such as squats).

No need to wait – Let’s get strong together! We can do this!