Lizette Pompa

Mexican born yoga teacher that is living in Uppsala, Sweden. Co-founder of Yogateket and Hot Yoga Uppsala. I am passionate about yoga, movement and keeping my mind and body healthy by practicing that.

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Trapezius and Yoga

The trapezius is a muscle that works closely with the scapula or shoulder blade. The trapezius consists of three parts, namely: Trapezius Muscles Anatomy The upper trapezius. The middle trapezius. The lower trapezius. The trapezius is a superficial...
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Hamstrings and Yoga

Hamstring Anatomy and Description Before looking at the hamstrings and their place in yoga practice, it's worth considering thigh anatomy and the different muscles involved.  Hamstrings refer to a group of muscles and tendons located at the upper leg's back. There are three...
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Scapula and Yoga

The scapula is commonly called the shoulder blade and is a flat triangular bone. Together with the clavicle and the sternum, the scapula forms part of the shoulder girdle, which attaches the appendicular skeleton (the limbs) to the axial skeleton (the trunk).  The scapula is at...
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Yoga and Core

In hatha yoga, nearly all poses require some engagement in the core, so you keep the integrity and safely perform the asana. Some poses require more than others. We recommend practicing core yoga poses in order to progress and always include them in practice at some point.  This...
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