Alternative Nostril Breathing - Nadi Shodhana

nah-dee     show-DAH-nahnadi - channel    shodhana - cleaning, purifying    = Chanel Cleansing Do you feel stressed and anxious? Then nadi shodhana can be your remedy. Nadi Shodhana has a long history with yogis and within Ayurvedic medicine.  It is a...
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What is Yoga? A Beginner’s Guide

What comes into your mind when you hear the word ‘yoga’?For some people, it’s rolling mats and stretchy athletic wear.For others, it’s twisting about into a pretzel while doing a headstand.And for still others, it’s that thing mum does on weekends.But what is it, really? This online...
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Kapalabhati Pranayama - Skull-Shining Breath

Kapalabhati pranayama or Breath of fire/Skull-shining breath is a pranayama which is a set of breathing exercises within yoga. Pranayama exercises are believed to come with a lot of health benefits for our bodies as well as our minds. For us to be healthy and happy, the body and mind need to be...
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Sitali Pranayama - The cooling breath

Yogis, long ago, discovered that Sitali Pranayama (cooling breath) was a great way to soothe, relax and cool body and mind. Sitali is a Sanskrit word meaning “cooling” or “soothing.” The technique adds moisture to your system, it soothes the mind and softens a pitta dosha...
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Ananda balasana - Happy baby pose

Ananda balasana, or Happy baby Pose, is a basic yoga pose, carried out while you are laying down on your yoga mat. By gently pulling your legs towards you at the same time as you kick your feet into your hands you create a stretch in your inner groin and back spine. At the same time, you are...
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