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Aum - Om Mantra class

Posted on 2019-05-27

Patanjali, the sage who composed the famous Sutras, considered Om yoga to be one of the highest forms of meditation a person could undertake. Also known as Pravana or Aum yoga, this is a practice designed to awaken consciousness, focusing one's mind on realizing their true self, as well as calming the mind, relieving stress, and promoting tranquility. It comes from the concept of the mantra: Om.

Om is the mantra which is believed by the sages to be the sound of the Universe. It is chanted during the practice of yoga, with each syllable having its physical vibrations. It is believed to be the ultimate route to focus and meditation, connecting the individual with the Universe on a higher level and encouraging the quest for achieving higher global consciousness. 

Each syllable of the word is important while performing the mantra:

  • A (aahh) - the sound comes from the back of the throat, where the tongue finds root in our physical being. This first symbol represents the origin of all sound. The goal is to connect us back to our individual selves or egos.
  • U (ooh) - this sound passes from the back of the tongue up towards the lips, and invokes balance and clarity. The syllable represents the energy of the mind and the Universe as a whole.
  • M (mm) - the lips are closed around the sound, allowing the individual to feel the vibration throughout the body and head. This act strengthens the connection between the physical body and the universal consciousness.
  • Anagata (silence) - the silence is just as significant as the sound. This moment allows the practitioner to fully appreciate and experience the sound of silence, and the unity which comes with this.

Try the sound of Aum in this 10 min class with Guy Powiecki

Recitation of OM is traditionally called Pranava Japa. Great after pranayama or a wonderful practice in its own right.

The emphasis is on the vibration.  We use this to still our minds and bring us to a greater point of connection within.

Simple and profound.

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