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Amrita - our true identity and nectar of immortality

Posted on 2018-02-21

Amrita is a Sanskrit term with two translations. One of them being immortal/immortality and the other one being nectar. It is said that Amrita is related to the Greek word ambrosia which also translates into nectar. In Sanskrit, the word Amrita carries two very different meanings within the word itself. But one could argue that the two different purposes still are connected since both of them are referring to an elevated state of self-awareness. A self-awareness to strive for, connecting you to the universe. This high level of self-awareness is said to be reached through online yoga practice and meditation.

One of the meanings behind Amrita is that it is another name for the deathless spirit, Atman. Atman is the transcendental self, or spirit, which is eternal and superconscious. Atman is said to be our one true nature or identity and our most inner self. In Hindu, Atman is said to be the individual soul and the innermost deep part of all living things. The human body itself can age, die and wither but the Atman will continue to live always moving forward from one body to the next, continue to evolve until it reaches Brahman. Each person’s Atman I said to be a part of the universal Brahman which is believed to be the ultimate Reality. When practicing yoga and meditation, you can increase self-awareness and self-knowledge which can lead to the revelation of the inner Self.

According to Hindu, the word Amrita was used to describe a drink known as soma. The legend says that Soma was given to the gods, making them immortal. The other meaning of Amrita refers to the nectar of immortality that it is said to flow through our pituitary gland into the back of the throat during the deeper stages of meditation, produced by the body itself. When you reach a state in meditation where your Amrita flows, it is said that you have achieved to reach a higher state of self-awareness and a deep sense of consciousness. Reaching Amrita it is said to turn our bodies into the divine body, Divya-deha, the final destination turning us into a perfect being Siddha.

“Amrita, the liquid of immortality is like nectar… It exudes from the Chandra center in the center of the head, deep behind the eyebrows.”  “Who swallows this clear liquor dripping from the brain into the heart and obtained by means of meditation, becomes free from disease and tender in the body like the stalk of a lotus, and will live a very long life.” - Hatha Yoga Pradipika


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